Get Radiation Protection for Your iPhone 6/6s


When I'm telling someone new about my lifestyle, how I'm trying to be safe, and healthy. I start to sound like a total doomsday crazy person. One who doesn't have fun, and might be keeping my kids from enjoying their childhood.

But, it is the total opposite! If you get to know me past the crazy that your first introduced to (lol). You might actually get on board of the health & well-being crazy train as well (if your not already riding it with me)! :-D

Health isn't just exercising and eating right. You may also know it takes care on the outside as well. So many factors go into being safe and keeping your body safe.

Whether or not you drink all the orange juice in the world to prevent catching a cold... Or apply a bucket of sunscreen on your face to protect yourself from UV rays.

We forget you have to protect yourself from TECHNOLOGY as well!


Yes... Technology!

We grew up as little children being told not to stare at the TV to long, or you'll hurt your eyes. Yet, we stare at screens all the time in this new millennial world.

Even when we cook food in the microwave. We learned that no matter how fast the cook time is, you shouldn't stand near the microwave while its on cooking because of radiation.

We have been standing away from the microwave to avoid this, only to shove a phone to our ear and douse ourselves in radiation for each phone call. Directly at our HEAD!


My 2 year old is at the stage of wanting in on ALL my phone calls, and I don't let him use my cell to chat. Only the house phone, and most of the time only on speaker setting. Anything to monitor how much radiation he may experience in his lifetime.

All technology loving humans need RADIATION PROTECTION. Some people are not aware of this, and we need to know something like this so we can protect ourselves the best we can.

So I use a Radiation Reducing Screen Protector that not only protects my precious iPhone 6. It protects ME! By preventing a whole bunch of radiation! YES!! :-D

100% Screen Coverage and Reduces Radiation up to 69%! 

Music to my ears! Not radiation through my ears!

Each intelliGLASS kit includes a COMPLETE PROTECTION PACKAGE with retail packaging, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipe, dust removal stickers, and squeegee card. (Phone case not included)

Step-By-Step Pictures on how to use the kit:

If you are ready to protect yourself & the one's you love from Technology Radiation, heres a Coupon Code for the intelliGLASS Kit on Amazon to help with the price for my wonderful viewers!

20% off coupon: INTELLI20

Disclaimer - I received this product for free or highly discounted from Tomoson, in exchange for my honest review to facilitate for my readers.. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine. I wrote this post and accepted this sponsorship because I love to share things to help not only me and my family... but YOU & YOURS also! :-D

Spring Has Sprung!

List of 100+ Foodie Facebook Groups!


So you love food eh? Who doesn't?? We need it to live! LOL

But you LOVE food... it's more then just to stay alive. You love the fact that creating flavors are endless and it takes a certain recipe for a delicious, mouth watering meal to remember!

Well I have a treat for you!

I've gathered some of the best Facebook Groups that revolve around the best subject to mankind... FOOD!

I am apart of over 100 Facebook groups that post about Food and Recipes. If you have a food porn addiction then tis is the resource for you! I've also provided a SPECIAL LIST of Foodie Facebook Groups for anyone who signs up for my mailing list!

What's so special about this list?? 

All the Foodie Facebook groups in this list contain over 10,000 members or more!

I've even sectioned them off into categories of how many members you can (at least) count on being apart of! There is actually a BONUS x2! Groups with a crazy amount of members that you won't want to miss!!

So without further ado... The List of 100+ Foodie Facebook Groups! :-D


100+ Foodie Facebook Groups!

  1. Food Bloggers
  2. TASTY HOME COOKING ( recipes for cooking, baking, & grilling)
  3. Recipes, Simple, Quick & Easy
  4. Recipes and meal ideas
  5. Foodfanataholics
  6. Foodie Bloggers United
  7. B2B Share - Food
  8. Boss Lady Recipe Sharing
  9. The MasterCook
  10. Best Recipes
  11. The Best Quick and Easy Recipes
  12. Recipe Share
  15. TheBreakfast ,Lunch Snacks,Dinner and Late Supper Society
  16. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Photos also Share Memories.
  18. Nerdfighteria Kitchen!
  19. chef ,food ,growing fresh to the kitchen
  20. Cooking With Passion
  21. Kitchen Talk
  22. Recipe Share
  23. Sistaz/Brothas In The Kitchen
  24. My Kitchen: Mi Cocina
  25. breakfast, lunch, dinner , what'son the menu
  26. Recipe share!!
  27. Cooking Right
  28. Recipe share
  29. Bears in the Kitchen
  30. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
  31. What's For Dinner? Or lunch, or breakfast, or snack, or dessert…
  32. RECIPES.....Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Grilled Items, etc.
  33. Kitchen Fire
  35. Dinner~Lunch~Breakfast Ideas.
  36. Recipe kitchen.. a place to share.
  37. Food Picture Posting
  38. Simple Country Cooking
  39. Yummy Dish
  40. Share Your Food Movement
  41. Recipes shared by facebook friends
  42. Spoonful of Foodies
  43. What's On THE MENU
  44. My Recipe's
  45. Recipes to Share
  46. Recipes
  47. Lets Eat! Recipes and More!
  49. Swap Recipes & Cooking Tips
  50. Canada's Favourite Recipes
  51. Cook-e-book
  52. Recipes for Recovery
  53. Train to be a chef have the ability to cook
  54. What's for dinner tonight ladies?
  55. IT Chef
  56. Facebook Friends Recipes
  57. recipe exchange club
  58. What's for dinner? (or breakfast, or lunch)
  59. Let’s Eat
  60. Delicious Recipes
  61. Joan Jacob and Friends Cookingin The woodlands, Spring, Tomball TX
  62. Epicurus Foodies
  63. You Got Served (Real Food Only)
  64. Sharon’s Shared Recipes
  65. Best Recipes
  66. recipe's,home remedies and $ saving tips
  67. What's Cooking?~ SHARE YOUR DISH!!
  68. Recipes
  69. CookParadise
  70. Hillbilly Down Home Recipes Uncensored
  71. Da Spot Food Group
  73. "TaDOW"....... What's Cooking?
  74. Kid Blogger Food Share
  75. Recipes from around the world
  76. Simple Friendship Recipes
  77. Food Heaven(No more talking)
  78. Recipes, Meals & Ideas
  79. Facebook Recipes
  81. Foods 2 share...Among Others
  82. Recipes made easy
  83. Facebook Recipe Center
  84. The Recipe Corner
  85. Recipe Love:  Bloggers' Best!
  86. Soup's On
  87. The Cookin' Chicks Recipe Sharing
  88. Chef's World
  89. Recipes & TidBits
  90. Get Cooking!
  91. Foodphoria
  92. Recipes 4U
  93. Recipes Galore
  95. Recipes, Recipes and more Recipes! :)

6 Things You Might NOT Know About Me


1. Every time I schedule a post, waiting for it to go live is like christmas morning for me! 

The anticipation of getting it from my computer to yours gives me such enjoyment. Why?! Because the things I am blogging about aren’t “post anything just to post it” crap! I truly want to share things that might actually HELP


I have given away Family Secret Recipes that are to die for! :-D

Other 101 - 286.jpg

2. Cooking runs deep in my family.

I grew up thinking I had to know how to cook or no one would want to eat my food... not even my family! LOL

I never thought of being a food blogger. 

I always wondered “who wants to take photos of food?” lol. 

The Irony! I get it now… if you don’t get it yet, I completely understand, BUT one day, you might make something that looks absolutely delicious, and it shocks YOU, lol.

You’ll end up taking a picture before it is ruined by greedy tummies!


3. I actually went to college to be an Opera Singer! 

Then I changed my mind last minute… like, one year left last minute! Got into HR (Human Resources) because I thought I should get a “real” job just in case, lol. Got really bored and realized I have anxiety when unable to move around a lot, and here I am!

I also play the piano :-)

Dream Big.jpg

4. Even though I’m a single mom, I have a bunch of soul mates, they are my beautiful best friends that have helped me through everything. 

Family has been just as wonderful! I get so overwhelmed with joy that my little angel gets so much love! Because of them, I never got to really feel like a single mom.

Other 101 - 289.jpg

5. I’ve never been big into keeping up with anything that celebrities do, but my exception is Angelina Jolie, I just love her! :-D 

Recently added on another lady, and that is Jessica Alba. 

These women stand for something that deals with “Human Life” being valuable. They really openly strive to value lives. I look up to that!


6. I love the simple life. But maybe you are already aware of that from reading my posts :-)

I'm not into making a big deal of where I am or what I have.

I am happy as long as I am safe and able to eat everyday. 

There are so many people out there that don’t have just the two things I’ve listed above. The fact that that happens just makes me want to be rich, so I can help people with more then just recipes! :-D


These are just a few interesting facts to share for the end of the year!

I’m sure the more you read my posts, the more you’ll find out, and I hope to find out more about you all as my readers so I can deliver you the content you need! :-D

Feel free to leave me an interesting fact about you, I really want to know! :-)

Until then...





Happy New Year.jpg

Edible Homemade Gifts Ideas

Food Blog Pictures - 0379.jpg

Sometimes you can plan ahead of time and still end up behind. I feel this way at the end of the year when all the holiday seasons roll around. 

I buy my gifts early for my loved ones. Then unexpected people in my life end up wanting to exchange gifts that I didn't know I would be exchanging, lol 

Now what?? I’m slightly broke from the purchases for everyone else in my life… 

Nothing left but to get creative and make your own gifts! Heres some Ideas. These are my personal favorites!

D.I.Y. Flavored Extracts

These are pretty simple to make and impressive to people that you make your own.

You can pair Extracts with many things and wrap them up in a bag/basket.

Just don’t forget to write the date that the extract was made and the date the bottle can be opened!

  1. Basket Example for a Coffee Lover - Bag of coffee, Coffee Mug, Hazelnut Flavored Extract, and a bag of cookies (or any sweet treat)!

  2. Basket Example for a Novice Baker - a Spatula, a Whisk, Measuring Cups/Spoons, a cheap Foil Baking Pan, and Vanilla Flavored Extract (don’t stop there, add whatever other baking supplies you can afford!

Just wrap them up and it’s very exciting to give away! :-D

Food Blog Pictures - 278.jpg

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Doesn’t get any easier than covering some soup spoons with CHOCOLATE and adding pretty much anything on them. 

You could make these quickly if your (unexpected) guest plans on visiting you in less than a couple hours!

Add these to a coffee mug, wrap them with clear wrapping paper, add a colorful bow and you’ve got skills! You can even throw in extra Marshmallows to be super cool! :-D

Food Blog Pictures - 0336.jpg


Don’t forget you could simply bake a batch of cookies, and wrap them up (especially if everyone loves your cookies!) with a couple of fun cookie cutters to inspire them to bake some when they run out!

If people aren’t a fan of your cookies then just buy some really spectacular cookies and wrap them up in beautiful bags or wrapping paper.

Food Blog Pictures - 0339.jpg

If you have time to order cookies and have them shipped, I would suggest buying a wonderful organic sweet treat kit from Food Stirs.

I received this kit in the mail as a gift from the HONEST COMPANY.

Like seriously, that company sends out Complementary Gifts all the time AND they also support great causes.

I am the BIGGEST FAN and consumer of all the Honest Products. It started with Diapers and then expanded to sunscreen, hand soap, the kitchen and the kitchen sink, pretty much Everything I have tried because I am floored with how much that company cares about the children of the world today. 

Thats why this post isn’t sponsored. It’s simply a shout-out to The Honest Company for winning over my heart and then some!

Because they didn’t care that organic might be more expensive then generic cookie mixes out there. They sent out QUALITY Gifts. To a large QUANTITY of people.

This is my way of Giving Back for the smile I had that day I received this Delicious Sugar Cookie Kit.

You can too if you have time to order… Not just for the Holidays, anytime you want! Enjoy and Have a Spectacular Holiday Week! 

Things I LOVE, Using Trendbrew!

Besides Vanilla, I have a list of things that I LOVE and use on a daily bases. Things I can't live without! :-D

I thought I would create a list of products that I currently stand by. Products that help make my recipes work for me, and items that make parenting just a tad easier. 

I have easily made a Product List using an awesome website like TrendBrew.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.20.02 PM.png

TrendBrew is a website that I use to list the items that I use. You can easily find deals there if your interested in the products that are behind Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.49.31 AM.png

You can visit My List HERE to get a insight on what's in my home. You can buy things if you want to from here.

Just remember that I am posting this so that you may take a peek into the things I use Daily. NOT to sell anything! But if you planned on buying something, why not buy from my link so I may get Points!? Win/Win! :-)

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.22.01 PM.png

Currently I'm working on my Wish List. Things I don't already have and want! :-)

The Items in the Store Section are things that I have already bought over the years and can't live without now!

I hope this helps others if you were confused about purchasing certain Items. Especially for the holiday seasons.

The Blog Button is for finding any Product Reviews I have written and placed on my blog. Maybe you may not have seen one of my product posts. But you can't find some in the blog section :-)

While you are visiting my products on Trendbrew, you can "Wish" for an Item (if you create an account). Or you can simply "Like" a product or talk about it by "Buzz"ing it on social media!

This will help others out there with making decisions on Kitchen Gadgets, Children Gadgets, and much more!

You may even go a step further and link Reviews and/or Product Videos that you found helpful to the products I have listed as an extra voice on how you feel about the Products I'm using.

TrendBrew also have these cool features Coming Soon...

Hopefully this type of Product List helps. I found it to HELP ME organize items I own. While at the same time giving me an outlet to post as many items as possible that have pictures and product details for every item! Check it Out! :-D

I would love to hear your thoughts on the site, or the items listed that I use. What are you using or wishing for??

60+ Blow Your Mind Pumpkin Recipes




I have come across over 60 Unbelievably Delicious Pumpkin Recipes!

(The pictures are a little peek into these Blow Your Mind Pumpkin Recipes awaiting you out there!)

You can have as much pumpkin as your heart desires. This year and from now on...Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. You name it and you can throw pumpkin in it!

Explore these pumpkin goldmines with me! 

  2. Maple Pumpkin Oatmeal - Savory Tart
  3. Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal - Shaw Simple Swaps
  4. Pumpkin Waffles with Oats - Teaspoon of Goodness
  6. Sugar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - Farmers Wife Rambles
  7. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles with Caramel Syrup - Creative Southern Home
  8. Sweet Cream Pumpkin Parfait - Chicken Scratch NY
  1. Amaretto Pumpkin Pie Bars - A Dash of Ginger
  2. Easy Pumkpin Pie Smoothie - Creative Southern Home
  5. Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Sandwiches - I'm Bored, Lets Go...
  6. Pumpkin Pie Bars - Simple Food 365
  7. Pumpkin Donuts with Pecan Frosting - Delish Knowledge
  8. Brownie Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake - Flavours and Frosting
  10. Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes - Flavours and Frosting
  11. Pumpkin Cookies - Bargain Mums
  12. Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts - Simple Food 365
  14. Cinnamon Glazed Whole Wheat Mini Pumpkin Donuts - Toaster Oven Love
  15. Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwiches - Little Family Adventure
  16. Dulce De Leche Pumpkin Cake Shot - Brazilian Flair in the USA
  17. This is the Best Pumpkin Pie Ever, Seriously! - Life Currents
  18. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls - Simple Food 365
  19. Pumpkin Chocolate-chip Cake with Honey Glaze - Something Sweet Winnie's Blog
  20. Pumpkin Chai Creme Brûlée - Chicken Scratch NY
  21. Sweet Pumpkin Pie - Culinary Flavors
  22. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies - Simple Food 365
  23. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies - Shaw Simple Swaps
  24. Paleo Pumpkin Pie Microwave Souffle - Physical Kitchness
  25.  Pumpkin Roll - Little Family Adventure
  27. Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Pecan Glaze - Something Sweet Winnie's Blog
  28. {Dreamy High} Pumpkin Pie - Family Table Treasures 
  29. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars - Family Table Treasures
  2. Pumpkin Biscotti {Whole Wheat & Chocolate Covered) - Food Pleasure and Health
  3. {Apple} Pumpkin Spice Bread {with Cinnamon Apple Whipped Cream} - Family Table Treasures
  4. Pumpkin Caramel Cream Cheese Bread - Flavours and Frosting
  5. Biscotti Pumpkin and chocolate chips - Something Sweet Winnie's Blog
  6. Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Bagels -  Food Pleasure and Health
  7. Pumpkin Muffins - Simple Food 365
  3. DIY Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix - Crafty Coin
  4. Pumpkin Pie "Moonshine" Recipe - Claw Hammer Supply
  5. 10-Minute DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap - Happiness is Home Made
  6. Don't Forget to try planting your own pumpkins with this fun and easy trick at Growing in Pre K!

Featured on YannivLovely: Reintroducing Me Series!


Are you READY for a series Dedicated to all you WONDER, BEAUTIFUL, and SPECIAL MOMMIES out there! 

I am so EXCITED and THRILLED to to announce being Guest Posted on YannivLovely's Reintroducing Me Series!

The series is all about the journeys of moms out there and the experiences we face Post-Baby! 


Even if you may feel like it, keep up with this series! Bring yourself back to reality that we are AWESOME! :-D


Reintroducing Me Series: 

H is For Hobby



UDEMY Course Review: Make An Extra $1k to $10k A Month With Your Own Blog

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.31.16 PM.png

I wanted to give a lengthily review (with Coupon!). When your spending your money upfront, you want to know a little peek into what your paying for. 

Let me tell you, this course is worth every penny! All the way down to the tips he gives to make money from your NEW BLOG!

I'm a real person; A single mom with a 1 Year Old.

Making a review on this course is the Real Deal! Jeez, I hardly have time to wash my hair sometimes! LOL

udemy JH photo.jpg

With around 4 hours of video, a couple short quizzes, example images, and text files to help you recap each section. Students will receive the best quality course out there!

Some students have finished the entire course in 2 days or even half a day. It's totally up to you and your schedule.

For Me: The time of a Single Mom? This course took me 2 nights in a row from 10pm - midnight (2 hours a night when I got my little guy to sleep!).

FINISHED... Now here's to STARTING a website! 

Woohoo! Start making money with confidence!

udemy JH photo 3.jpg

I’ve been researching material for starting a blog for a long time,. This course is one of the best materials out there. Saves you time of doing the research on your own.

I WISH I had seen this course a year ago! Would have saved me so much time! Because I’m not hosted on Wordpress, I plan on switching in the future. This course made it look much simpler then I thought it was to use Wordpress!

udemy JH photo 4.jpg

Jake Hare is a Social Media and Blog/Web Design Expert

Such a positive course and full of affirmations! The instructor is readily available for all questions that may come his way (in a timely manner as well!) 

Hopefully beginners and experts alike will find my courses useful and helpful, to usher in the new generation of self-made entrepreneurs and maybe even millionaires.
— Jake Hare
udemy JH photo 5.jpg

Things I absolutely LOVED about the course:

  • Side by side Hosting examples to help you choose the best Hosting for your blog
  • Lists websites that have cheap Themes for your Wordpress
  • Great recommendations for Plug-ins, Apps, Mail Subscriptions, any many more!
  • SEO is thoroughly explained
  • Recaps have instructions that you can easily follow, with links to further instructions via the web
  • The Quizzes let you know if your right or wrong immediately and also recaps on why it’s the correct answer
  • Professor walks you Step by Step through building your blog by using Wordpress (It seriously feels like he did it for you it so simple!)
  • Gives his view and techniques on Analyzing Data for marketing your blog
  • Explanation on Monetizing your blog is very easy to follow, so you can profit from the blog you create!

This Course is for Anyone! Whether You Know How to Start Your Own Website, New to Blogging, Interested in Switching to Wordpress, Learn How to Monetize, Social Media, and Help for Non Techies!

Discount for my Followers!

(exclusively get the $199 course for only $49!)

UDEMY Discount: Make An Extra $1k to $10k A Month With Your Own Blog


udemy JH photo 2.jpg



Other FUN Ways To Use Nail Polish!


Since my switch to an all natural and organic lifestyle, I’ve had to re-stock my kitchen with all things organic.  Not only that, I've had to replace all my face/body products, throw out my entire household cleaning products, and many more items that aren't healthy for us humans.

Now I'm surrounded with a bunch of things that are chemical free and/or green products.

I not only have my mind focused on a greener lifestyle, I also want to live life as frugal as possible too! 

With that being said, I started looking around at things that I already own to figure out ways to re-use it, and upgrade it with things that I already owned.

One of those things that I notice was going to waste, was all my nail polish. I looked around at my many nail polishes and thought about my old girlie diva self. Now that life has been replaced with my inner hippie self.

There was sadness that all the beautiful colors would go to waste. 



One bright sunny day, I wanted some new jewelry!

But... I have been in too much of a "frugal mindset", to even think about buying anything new that could not be eaten! lol

So, I thought long and hard.

Wallah! How about I turn my tarnished and lame jewelry, into fun, hip, and colorful jewelry! Now I have jewelry that goes with a lot more of my outfits in my closet!

So I did!

Not only did my Jewelry get a make-over, I also never have to grab the wrong house key again! Or mix-up hair brushes with my mom!

Here is a couple of fun ways to use nail polish if you have any laying around the house collecting dust!

I’m also so thrilled to show off my refurbished blue jewelry in the shade of “Silk” by Sinful Colors!


Everybody's Favorite German Chocolate Cake

I didn’t know I had an addiction until, one day I made this German Chocolate Cake Recipe and literally didn't want to share it!

I made it for a holiday family function once. This made me realize that having one slice of this perfectly sweet, moist and chocolatey cake drives me crazy!


So, I decided to make another one for only 2 people to eat!

I thought to myself, that should be plenty for us, and if someone came by, they could have a piece as well, and all all of the cake would get eaten before it has a chance of going bad.

Boy oh boy was I delusional! I managed to eat 75% of that darn cake myself in maybe 4 days!? The 25% of that cake was eaten by someone else at the beginning of it’s existence (maybe by day 1 and 2). Day 3 and 4 was ALL ME. OMG how ashamed I was!


I felt like I needed to go to church and pray... or maybe a gym!? lol

I didn’t know what came over me but I’ve tried to limit myself to Holiday’s Only!

But when the holidays rolled around. I Made TWO and managed to be in the same position. HOW?? because I kept one whole cake at my house and it happened all over again!


This cake isn't a devils cake but, I felt like I was sinning eating this cake so much!

A full blown 3 Layered Cake of chocolate perfection!

I knew I had to figure a way to break myself of this crazy cake attack! So I made this cake over and over and over and (well, you get the point!) OVER! lol I would make one and share half. I needed to practice separating from this cake.


What makes this cake SO Irresistible?! 


Let’s start with the “German” Chocolate… First it’s not german, german was the creators last name! lol but if you want to still believe it is of German decent, go ahead! 

Any who, there is COFFEE in the batter that helps bring out the chocolate flavor.

Chocolate and coffee = The Very Best Chocolate Cake Outcome!

The batter is NOT a thick batter, it is on the looser end, resulting in a very MOIST Cake, O.M.G!!


The German Chocolate Cake Frosting is the best frosting ever in my opinion. I can eat cake and cookie batter ALL day long. My odds of dying from salmonella food poisoning is high (But i’m still here!). Usually when it comes to frostings, I just taste the frosting to make sure it’s at the sweetness level I prefer. German chocolate frosting is an exception! I can eat ALL day… I have to make sure I stop “tasting” it while it’s cooling for the cake!


That smooth, creamy,  and caramelized concoction filled with coconuts and pecans cooked together becoming something that I’m sure the god’s blessed us with!


To conclude on this amazingly addictive chocolate journey: In the end of my experiments, I realized I made this cake so often, that it was like I wasn’t sharing still.

I  just have to accept that this cake is the BEST CAKE I'll ever eat in my life, and if you can’t beat it…!

Let me know how this cake turns out well for you, and I’ll start a support group for German Chocolate Addicts! :-D



Cake Batter:

1 1/2 sticks Butter (3/4 cup)

1 1/4 cups Cocoa Powder

1/2 cup Brewed Coffee

2 1/2 cups Vanilla Coconut Milk (any milk can be substituted)

1 cups Brown Sugar

2 cups White Granulated Sugar

Eggs, beaten

2 1/4 cups All-Purpose Flour

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

3 teaspoons Baking Powder

3/4 teaspoon Salt


German Chocolate Frosting:

1 1/2 cup Sugar

1 1/2 cup Evaporated Milk (1 12oz. Can)

4 Eggs, beaten

3/4 cup Butter (1 1/2 stick)

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract

3 cups Sweetened Flaked Coconut

1 1/2 cups Pecans



To Prepare Cake- 

  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF.  Grease three (3) 8-inch round pans and dust them with flour and set aside 
  2. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over medium heat, add cocoa powder and cook on the stove until melted and combined to prevent lumps
  3. Pour coffee and milk into the chocolate mixture slowly while whisking to combine, then turn off heat 
  4. Add both sugars and the beaten eggs into chocolate mixture, then whisk until smooth. 
  5. Combine the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in a separate bowl
  6. Add dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and mix just until combined
  7. Divide the chocolate batter evenly between the 3 prepared pans
  8. Bake for about 40-45 minutes. Test done-ness by inserting a toothpick into the center of cake until the toothpick comes out mostly clean. (there can be little crumbles on toothpick but not wet uncooked batter!)
  9. Cool before removing from pans, and loosen cake from around the edges of the pans with a knife. Cool cakes completely before frosting

To Prepare the Frosting- 

  1. Add evaporated milk, sugar, eggs, butter, and extract in a large skillet
  2. Stir and cook over medium heat until mixture starts to thicken, then remove from heat
  3. Stir in the coconut flakes and chopped pecans. Let frosting cool until thick enough to spread over each layer of cake. **Make DOUBLE the frosting if you want to cover the whole cake in frosting.


  • You can easily make this cake over the stove top, without a mixer! 
  • This recipe only makes enough frosting to frost each layer and the top of a three layer cake.
  • You MUST double the frosting recipe if you want to frost the outside of the cake! Plus the cake frosting is so good it might not make it on the cake! :-D
  • Many German Chocolate frostings only use beaten egg yolks. I use the whole egg for added texture (Seeing little white clumps of cooked egg whites is normal in this recipe).
  • When I divide cake batter between 3 pans, I always fill each pan halfway before I keep adding additional batter into the pans. This insures all the batter is divided equally and confirms if there is enough batter to go around all 3 pans!
The cake batter recipe was inspired by Yammie @ Yammies Noshery 


Cheesy Potatoes and Sausage

Chocolate Mama loves Vanilla Edited Pictures.029.jpg

POTATOES are one of the things given to humans on this earth that don't give many people any allergies. For those very rare people out there who have an allergy to potatoes...

 I'm SO SORRY!! :-(

Potatoes are my WEAKNESS, and I'm sure it is for many other humans out there as well!


The Onions... Oh man, the ONIONS... If you aren't a fan of onions,  you won't notice these in here, except for the fact that they pair with the cheese and potatoes like they have been BFF's Forever!

How about you throw a couple JALEPENO'S in the mix for a little kick! The taste of Jalepeno's are something special! Jalepeno's are more than just spicy, they are full of flavor.

Take out the seeds and you might not even get a burning sensation. But if you like to feel the burn, leave the seeds... you may even throw in any other spicy peppers. This amazing dish can handle the heat and you won't want to leave the kitchen! :-D


If the potatoes and onions aren't getting you yet, lets go ahead and apologize to all the vegetarians out there, because adding POLISH/KIELBASA SAUSAGE takes this dish to the next level.

If you don't want to buy any peppers, but still want the spice. Buy a spicy kielbasa or polish sausage and go to town! Well don't literally go to town. Stay home, lock yourself in a room, and eat to your hearts desire!


Then just when you think you can't get any closer to eating like a king/queen. Add the CHEESE! Oh My Goodness, I'm sorry to all the vegans, and anyone Lactose intolerant...

At some point I think I was lactose and tolerant, but I didn't care. Cheese was worth all the pain!

This Potatoes and Sausage recipe will have you creating a food baby ASAP! Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I breath during each forkful of this delicious one skillet meal!

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1/4 Cup Oil 

6 - 7 Large Potatoes, Peeled and Sliced (thin, 1/8 inch slices)

1 Onion, Sliced

2+ teaspoon Salt

1 -2 teaspoon Pepper

6-7 oz (half the package) Kielbasa/Polish Sausage, Sliced

1 cup Cheese, Shredded

1 - 2 Jalapeños (optional), sliced with seeds removed (unless you want SUPER spicy)


  1. Heat Oil in large skillet on Medium heat
  2. Add Potatoes, Onions, salt, and pepper to skillet, cook both of these till potatoes starts to brown, around 10 min, then Flip them and cook till the other side starts to brown for another 10min
  3. Add sausage and jalapeños (optional), Stir everything and cook for an additional 10min
  4. Keep turning the potatoes every 5-10 min or so until potatoes are very soft
  5. Once everything is cooked till very tender and soft, turn off skillet, sprinkle the cheese evenly over potato mixture, cover and let cheese melt for several minutes.


  • Don't slice potatoes too thin like Au Gratin. You want a good thick slice for these potatoes.
  • Make sure the potatoes get a good deep golden color before flipping them the first time.
  • It's best to cut potatoes the same size in thickness to create equal cooking time.

Delicious Vanilla Birthday Cake Recipe


“Let Them Eat Cake!” What a wonderful phrase to be uttered from someones lips!

Also the words moist and decadent gets me going too! :-D

I’ve been a picky cake person since I was a kid. If I knew someone made a cake from a box and slabbed some canned frosting on top. I was appalled that someone would bring it around me!

I’m serious, as a kid I was spoiled because my mother and grandmother SPOILED me with homemade cakes that were moist with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Those “boxed cakes” that people around me would make were dry and so sweet, I knew from the first bite that, that was all I needed to set it a side.


This went for store bought cakes as well when I was younger. Those cake batters were dry and extra sweet as well. Topped with all the icing that was piled on top. Bleh! I will say that the frosting on store bought cakes got WAY better about 10 years ago. Thank goodness for all the other people buying those newer versions out there.

Getting back to me being spoiled. People who had my mothers cakes would feel like they died and went to heaven. People who didn’t like cake, all of a sudden LOVED cake! 


This began to be a problem for me, because people started to pay my mom for her cakes. Then she would be too worn out from making cakes, she stopped making them for OUR home! “How could this be happening!?” I thought. 

I needed to learn how to make those cakes and quick! Low and behold, I did!

When she had to make a cake for someone, I sat there and watched. Every time, without asking any questions. 

Cake batter images.001.jpg

I watched her cream together sugar and butter for every batter,   

Cake batter images.002.jpg

Then came the eggs.


In a separate bowl she mixed together dry ingredients (flour, baking powder/soda, and salt). 

Cake batter images.003.jpg

Alternating between the liquid (my mother used buttermilk for every cake, no exception) and the flour mixture. Carefully added everything into the wet mixture.


At the end of all those steps, she added in what she called the secrets to the batter. My moms secret was Vanilla & Coconut extracts. This is what I thought a cake was. Overtime, I learned to love coconut milk and the texture it gives a cake batter (instead of buttermilk that my mom swears by). I switch it out for vanilla coconut milk. Vanilla coconut milk is important, for the extra vanilla flavoring in the batter.

Sometimes in life I know it can feel like you don't have time to make a cake from scratch, but you totally can, its really worth it! It’s also more impressive, those couple extra steps make a difference. Keep this cake batter recipe in your pocket and add whatever frosting  topping of your choice and you’ll never have to use a box again!



1 ¼ cup Sugar

½ cup (1 stick) butter, softened

2 eggs, room temperature

1 ½ cups all-purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

¾ cup coconut milk (milk can be substituted)

2 tsp Vanilla Extract



1. Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease a 9 inch round cake pan.

2. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar.

3. Add eggs one at a time, followed by vanilla and mix until fully incorporated.

4. Combine flour, salt, and baking powder.

5. Alternate the flour mixture and milk, starting and ending with the flour mixture and mix well.

6. Pour batter into prepared cake pan.

7. Bake 35-40 minutes. When toothpick is inserted it should come out clean. 

8. Allow to cool fully before removing from cake pan. Top with Frosting


This is my go to yellow batter/vanilla batter cake, so frosting options are endless!

Here are some different frosting to choose from below:

Candy Coated Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Mama loves Vanilla Edited Pictures.017.jpg

This Chocolate Frosting is HANDS DOWN my Favorite Chocolate Frosting. This is NO Ganache! It's actually a frosting that coats your cake and hardens like a soft chocolate candy!

This chocolate frosting keeps the cake moist!! This icing is perfect if making cake pops as well. Cake pops have the firm frosting shell on the outside, and inside is the flavored cake of your choice!

This from scratch chocolate frosting is absolutely a must try! You'll be making it all the time for more than just cakes! :-D


This frosting starts off with lots of Cocoa Powder! This recipe is FROM SCRATCH! You will be so happy with yourself for making your own frosting!

Another plus is you can actually control the amount of sugar in this frosting. Which is great for those who want to monitor the sugar usage in their household.


To get started, before you add any liquids you want to make sure the two dry ingredients (Cocoa & Sugar) are together and well mixed. A whisk works very well at mixing the ingredients fast. This granulated sugar keeps the cocoa powder from clumping if you've mixed it well.


Now it's time for the wet ingredient(s). The evaporated milk, and if you decide to use the 1/2 cup of coffee. I use decaf, but regular is equally as flavorful. I personally have to watch my caffeine intake, thats is the sole reason for choosing decaf over regular :-)

Coffee brings out the chocolate flavor. It's amazing how well those ingredients go together. If you are out of coffee or don't ever have coffee on hand. There is absolutely no reason to go out of your way to buy this! This recipe is just as awesome without it!


Once you have all the ingredients, besides the butter. Wait for your mixture to cook before adding the butter. After adding the butter, let your mixture get to a boil. This step can be accomplished on Medium Heat.

Remember to constantly stir as your chocolate heats up. This will keep your chocolate from sticking and overflowing from the pot when it starts to boil.

While keeping an eye on the chocolate, you should also alternate the heat from med low to medium to keep the boiling mixture from sticking and overflowing. Keep watching and alternating heat until the boiled chocolate starts to visually and physically thicken.

NOTE: I add the butter while chocolate mixture is cooking and starts to thicken. This is the absolute trick to a firm frosting that will coat your cake. After a few hours the smooth cooled frosting will transform into a hard shell.

The hard shell won't be super hard, it will still be soft as well. This is perfect for cutting a wonderful slice of cake! 


Once the frosting is cooled, yet still workable. You can pour or spoon the cooled chocolate frosting on top your cake of choice. Let the chocolate spread everywhere. Where ever the chocolate doesn't go, try to direct your spoonful of frosting in the area you want to get covered.

You want to try your best to let the chocolate spread on it's own. Without smoothing it out with a knife or spoon like other frostings. Just start slowly from the middle and watch the chocolate spread.

If the chocolate has thickened and cooled long enough. This process can seem like watching lava flow from a Volcano! It can be slow, but soon you will have a perfectly Frosted Cake! 



1 can evaporated milk

2 cups sugar

3/4 cup Cocoa Powder

1/2 cup Coffee (I use Decaf, Optional)

2-3 Tbsp butter, salted (or unsalted, I prefer salted)



    1    Mix Sugar and cocoa together in medium pot

    2    Add Evaporated milk, stir, then turn heat on to medium

    3    Pour in Coffee and continue cooking and stirring 

    4    Stir continuously, alternating heat temperature to keep from boiling over

    5    Bring chocolate to a light bubbling boil

    6    Keep stirring till chocolate starts to get candied on the side of the pot

    7   Add Butter when chocolate starts to thicken

    8    Then remove fro heat

    9    Stir till the chocolate stops bubbling, and let cool till thick enough to spread onto cake


If there is more chocolate than needed you can either let the extra pool on the bottom of your dish or you can store it in your fridge in a plastic baggie.

To loosen: Leave chocolate in plastic baggie. Place baggie in a pot of hot water to loosen again.

Use your extra delicious chocolate to coat strawberries, your favorite nuts, or anything your heart desires! :-D 

D.I.Y. Whipped Cream


I’ve been to a couple different upscaled restaurants in the past. The very first one I ever went to, was on a 1st date. First dates are usually long (if its going well, lol). Long enough to get through appetizers, dinner, and dessert. 

So on this date, there was dessert! When the waiter brought us our dessert, he also had a stainless steel contraption with him, in which he asked, “Fresh Whipped Cream?”

Fresh Whipped Cream? What was the other stuff I had been eating? I was so intrigued by this "Fresh" Whipped Cream he spoke of. “Yes! I would love some!” I said


My date and I had the same idea when the waiter dolloped this creamy, fluffy, airy, and soft whipped cream onto our dessert plate. We tasted this whipped cream by itself! Looked up at each other and without saying anything, both of our eyes screamed, “This is Awesome!”

I ended up eating all the whipped cream before I even tasted the dessert! In the end I asked how their whipped cream was made and I’ve never bought whipped cream again! 


Have you ever thought to yourself… “How is whipped cream made?”

Well I Did! :-D

It’s so easy! Its also so cool! Maybe thats where that whipped cream company gets their name! :-)


Its really a one ingredient recipe. I like it a tad sweeter so I added some powdered sugar to the recipe. The only step is to beat the heavy whipping cream until it becomes Whipped Cream!


Warning!: Do NOT over beat the cream, because this is also how butter is made! Once you see the milk turn into a thick whipped texture, it's time to stop whipping! I promise it doesn’t get fluffier. It becomes something else entirely!


Whipped cream is the perfect addition to any dessert. Whether it’s a cold dessert such as ice cream, jello, cheesecake, etc. OR on top of a warm dessert like a decadent brownie, perfectly textured bread pudding, and/or even sprayed directly into your mouth from the canister!

Whipped cream definitely plays well with others like hot fudge, caramel, fruit toppings, pretty much anything, including sprinkles! :-D It also can stand on it’s own becoming a quick delicious treat all by itself.

Whipped cream has also mended many relationships. Being sprayed onto a friend for fun to rekindling a fire in the bedroom for a couple of lovebirds.

Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong! Enjoy your delicious "Fresh" Whipped Cream! ;-)



1 1/2 - 2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream

1/2 cup Powdered Sugar (Optional)



  1. Beat Heavy Cream on high with a MIXER*
  2. Wait until the cream starts to  visually thicken. turn down the speed a notch or two before adding in the sugar (optional) gradually.
  3. Once the sugar has all been added, continue to beat heavy cream to stiff peaks. 
  4. DO NOT OVER BEAT. You will end up with butter instead of whipped cream if over beaten!


*If you don’t have a mixer, you can use a whisk, this takes and incredible amount of energy, but can be done!

Do not over beat. You will end up with butter instead of whipped cream if over beaten!

If using inside of a dish, you want to fold the whipped cream in, so you don’t ruin all the fluffing you created by deflating it!

Strawberry Margarita Pie


My favorite drinks are anything with fruit in it and I just love Strawberry Margarita's! In Honor of Cinco De Mayo, I wanted to share a awesome Margarita Recipe with you! Not the one you drink. This one you can eat as Dessert!


This is NOT Mexico’s "Independence Day", thats september 16th :-) In which you can most definitely make this pie again! You can also whip this recipe together for summer outings, or any adult only parties for some added FUN! :-D


My favorite activity was celebrating The 5th of May and Day of the Dead In Spanish class in high school. We could bring dishes that were from those cultures. Bonus! Thats where I would make this pie!

It's quite silly, I've have had many years in spanish class and yet all I can do is talk to a very small child in spanish and I can also talk a whole lot about FOOD!

Any who, back to the 5th of May! The Battle of Puebla was very significant because although the Mexicans were outnumbered back in 1862, they defeated a higher equipped French army.  4,000 Mexican soldiers to 8,000 French army soldiers that had not been defeated for nearly 50 years!

Thats Cray Cray! 


In 1862, The President of Mexico Juárez declared the anniversary of that remarkable battle  a holiday remembered as "Battle of Puebla Day" or "Battle of Cinco de Mayo"!

There you have it folks, History! I feel it's appropriate to mention the history of the holiday before getting into the immediate parting, lol


This recipe is as simple as making your morning smoothie. Put everything into a blender, then fold in some whipped cream, pour it into a graham cracker (or pretzel) crust pie pan, shove it into the freezer for 6 hours, come back and you’ve got yourself a festive delicious dessert!


If you are or are not aware of what goes into a delicious alcoholic beverage such as the Margarita. It’s so basic and easy: Tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice.

Margarita's come in pre made mixes where you can just add over ice, blend into ice or nothing at all. They come in boxes you can refrigerate, frozen tubs, or you can make it fresh! The possibilities of a margarita are endless!


Fresh is always best! It’s so easy to make it fresh, and a lot cheaper! 

But why just stop at fresh limes when you can add other fresh fruit. The most popular pairing of fruit to go into a margarita is STRAWBERRIES.

This is where I get happy, Strawberry Margaritas are one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, you can get a salt OR Sugar rim. I’ll usually go for sugar because I'm a sugarholic!

Because I like a sugar rim, I choose to make a graham cracker crust instead of the famous pretzel crust, which is a favorite crust pairing for this pie. 


Recently I tend to go for non- alcoholic beverages. Ever since being pregnant, then breast-feeding, I couldn't indulge in party drinks :-( Lucky for me, its just as tasty without Alcohol, and it is family friendly! :-D

In this recipe I wanted to keep this pie family friendly. If you want to kick it up a notch for an adult gathering then just replace the orange juice with alcohol.

Beware, because this is not a cooked pie, the alcohol will work its magic in each and every bite. So get your friends and family ready for a Par-Tay! :-D Happy Cinco De Mayo!



2 Graham Cracker Crusts (or pretzel crust)

1 lb Strawberries, divided and hulled (Frozen or Fresh)

2 Limes, divided, jested and juiced (about 1/4 cup)

1/4 cup Orange Juice (or 1/4 cup Tequila for adults!)

1 (14oz) can Sweetened Condensed Milk

8 oz. Cream Cheese, softened

1/2 cup Sugar

1½ cups chilled Heavy Cream, whipped*



    1    Blend 3/4 of the strawberries, 3/4 of lime zest, lime juice, condensed milk, orange juice, sugar and cream cheese in a blender or food processor until smooth, 

    2    Transfer to a large bowl then add the last of the strawberries and lime zest to the bowl and set aside

    3    Beat heavy cream to stiff peaks. DO NOT OVER BEAT. You will end up with butter instead of whipped cream if over beaten!

    4    Fold whipped cream into strawberry mixture gently

    5    Pour filling into prepared crust directly in the middle, till pie mounds

    6    Freeze for about 6 hours till pie becomes firm. 

    7    After 6 hours let pie soften in refrigerator (40 minutes) before serving 



Heavy whipping cream can be substituted for store bought Whipped Cream (skip step 3)

Pie should be served when texture is semisoft by refrigerating for 40 min before slicing

Refrigerate and store for up to 5 days

Makes 2 pies





Coconut Sweet Potato Pie

Chocolate Mama loves Vanilla Edited Pictures.019.jpg

I LOVE sweet potatoes and yams. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so as a child I jumped at the opportunity of having a vegetable that was sweet! It has followed me as an adult.


I love them so much I’m always trying to find ways and legit reasons to be eating them all the time. Sweet potatoes fries, candied yams with marshmallows, in stews, or cut wide open adding butter with sugar. 


I can’t just stop at cutting them open and eating them if I know I have a lot in the house along with some pie crusts in the freezer. I usually go right for making a bunch of dessert.

That dessert would be my families Coconut Sweet Potato Pie!


Shredded coconuts and sweet potatoes make a texture of awesomeness every time! I love when something smooth a creamy get updated with a little bit of crunch to the bite. 


I get carried away with this recipe. I’ve tried to cut back on turning my veggies into a mouthwatering delicious pie; for my love handles sake.

Sometimes I really don’t know when to say no to dessert.

I can make 4 whole pies and end up eating all of them by the end of the week (totally did this!). 


The guilt and shame made me feel like I had to donate 2 pies for every 2 pies made, lol. I did this the last time I made this.

It felt good to share, at the same time I felt incomplete when I finished the last lushes slice of sweet potato coconut decadence.


Then a miracle happened, and the people who tried the pie wanted more! I couldn’t not give the people what they want right? So I made sweet potatoes and coconuts collide once more. I got my 2 pies that my belly went without and I shared once again.


Now Im sharing again, with you and the world! Except I don’t have to make it, Score! and I’m not tempted by the sight of those bright, textured, and golden orange colored scrumptious pies. 2 points!


I do have some leftover shreds of coconuts and some sweet potatoes in my kitchen now. Hmmm? Just talking about those pies are making me think happy thoughts! - 2 points for not being able to control myself and these Coconut Sweet Potato Pies! ENJOY!








Makes 4 Pies


4 Pie Crusts, prepared and baked

1 cup Butter (2 sticks), softened

4 cups Sweet Potatoes, cooked and mashed*

4 cups Sugar

2 5 ounce cans (about 1 1/4 cups) Evaporated Milk

3 tablespoon Vanilla Extract

6 Eggs, beaten

1 tablespoon Cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon Salt

3 cups Shredded Coconut


    1    Preheat oven to 350°

    2    Mix the softened butter into potatoes, sugar and evaporated milk until well blended

    3    Add vanilla, eggs, salt, and cinnamon. Stir together

    4    Fold shredded coconut into the bater just until incorporated, make sure to break down large coconut lumps

    5    Pour into the prepared and baked crust pie pan

    6    Bake in a 350° oven for about 60min - 90min , until set

    7    Let cool for at least 10 min after being removed from the oven


Before I put pies in the oven: For a cute little homemade look, I press the bottom of a spoon gently in the center of the pies, then lift the spoon slowly for a slight bump on the pie (pictured)

*Boiling sweet potatoes to soften them works better then roasting them in the oven. The skins easily comes off and they take less time boiled.

Recipe can easily be halved or doubled!

Refrigerate. Keeps for 5 days.

Easily can be eaten warmed up, room temperature, or cold! 

Going Nuts Oatmeal

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Somedays you just can’t outrun missing a screw. Weather or not you may have gotten enough sleep, haven’t had your first coffee of the day, or even if your kids are bouncing off the walls. You are entitled to go nuts every once and a while.

I can say that I notice I am not my best if I don’t start the day off with food. While I recommend meditation, soothing zen music, or some yoga to distress. Those may not be enough to get the screw back in place (you may not even enjoy those options in the first place, lol).


Everyone gets to busy to cook first thing in the morning sometimes. I have a solution for those mornings you know you don’t have the time. Oatmeal! Not just any oatmeal though!

This recipe can be made ahead of time, it makes 4 servings, and lasts a good 5 days refrigerated.

If you have a peanut allergy, you can replace the peanut butter for any other type of nut butter ( almond, cashew, and even sunflower seed). If you are allergic to nuts in general sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds) is really quite tasty. Or simply just opt out of it all together and still have a sweet delicious bowl of oatmeal.


The mixture of steal oats cooked in milk & water is something of absolute creamy certainty!

Melting butter into the creamy cooked oats adds even more creaminess. Next add in all the sweet embellishments (brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon, and maple syrup {optional}).


For the crunch you add in the pecans (or any nut you prefer). By the way, this recipe is a must if your working out and building muscle! All the protein and fiber you need for breakfast, lunch, or even after a workout.


Lastly, just when you think the oats couldn’t get any creamier, stir in the peanut butter and dig in to get your sanity back!

If it doesn’t come back, well then, “If you can’t beat them, Join em!” 


Servings: 4


2 Cups Water

2 Cups Milk

1 Cup Steel Cut Oats

4 Tablespoons Butter 

1/2 cup Brown Sugar (use more or less if desired)

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 tablespoon Maple Syrup (optional)

1/2 cup Raisins

1/2 cup Pecans

2+ tablespoons Chunky Peanut Butter (may use creamy for less texture)



  1. Combine water, milk, and oats. Stir and bring to a boil
  2. Once at a boil, turn heat to a low simmer
  3. Simmer for 35-45 min, stirring occasionally
  4. Once oats are cooked, add the butter, brown sugar, maple syrup (optional), salt, and cinnamon. Stir till combined
  5. Mix the raisins and pecans into the oats
  6. Lastly stir in peanut butter.

If your oats are still full of liquid, in 45min, repeat step 2 and watch the oats every 10 min or so depending on how thick they are becoming

Tip: For Babies 9months and older, omit the pecans & sugar. Make sure peanut butter is creamy and thin mixture as much as you want with water or breastmilk.

D.I.Y Hot Chocolate


I've been in need of a quick warm up with some "D.I.Y. Hot Chocolate". It has been cold for too long here in Michigan! Sometimes it seems like forever for summer to come for a visit. Yes, a visit. Summer seems to come for such a short sweet time here.

Summer is something that is truly appreciated after a long winter where I live. I tend to treat summer like it's one big birthday! Until then, Spring is the next best thing. 



The beginning of Spring is a wonderful time. It's full of hopes and dreams for whats to come over the remaining of the year. Time for seniors in high school to start dreaming of what they want to do, where they want to go. Gardeners are dreaming of what they want in their gardens, where to put it for the ultimate plant growth, and how much so homes can be filled with a bountiful harvest.

Spring is a dreamers wonderland as it gets warmer and warmer, and sunbathing seems more and more possible. When it rains you may think to yourself, "this is better than snow!"or If you just laid out seeds in the garden, you get a day off from watering because  mother nature is doing it for us.


While you were dreaming, you may have used up all your powdered hot chocolate over the winter and/or maybe you didn't restock because you were thinking you'd be moving on to ice cold beverages soon.

Fear not! When a random cold day "springs" up on you. Easily, melt some chocolate chips/pieces into some hot milk and DONE! You have instant hot chocolate to warm up with and keep dreaming!



1 Cup Milk

2 teaspoons Sugar

2 tablespoons Chocolate Chips/Pieces


  1. You heat milk and sugar till hot over the stove top in a saucepan (1min 30secs for microwave)
  2. Add the chocolate chips/pieces, stir until chips/pieces have melted and become one with the milk!
  3. Enjoy! :-D


This recipe can be double, tripled, etc.!

Use more or less sugar or whatever sweeter you prefer in this recipe!

The Beginning of Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla!


Hey there!

Welcome  to Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla!

This is my very FIRST POST on my very 1st Blog! Get ready for my blog to give you fully delicious recipes and tips on having a more natural lifestyle! 

I started this piece of cyberspace because of my OBSESSION with learning how to do everyday things as natural as possible. Which in return will save money in the long run! Win/Win! 

My family has heard me go on and on and on about living natural. I think I have over talked all their ears on this matter. So now I'm reaching out to you! Fresh Meat! 



There are many old wives tales out there, and many different people who’s moms mother had all the wisdom and knowledge on living life natural. I’m here to share my passed down wisdom, and things I have discovered over time. Hopefully they will be helpful to everyone else as they are to me!

Most of my recipes come from my family, passed down from my grandmother. Any other recipes will be credited for there inspirational creativity. I will clearly link back to other creators by having a clickable URL that leads to the page I got the recipe or ideas from.


I am in no way shape or form the first to come up with most of the things I post, Some things I may have felt "I" only knew, but here on earth, great minds think a like! There may be tips that are possible people may know from their moms mother and these things may be nothing new to them. You may be creating the same things I create.

Everyone does everything differently, so i would love to hear how you do things in your life as well by leaving comments for me! Hopefully I can learn some things from you as well! I tend to try just about anything that looks good for you! What do I have to lose when it's good for me right?!

Chocolate Mama loves Vanilla Edited Pictures 100.001.jpg

But for those out there who didn't get passed down natural living tips, then this blog will be perfect for you! Don't forget to check back for new posts!

If you are as interested in doing things in life the natural, safer, cheaper, healthier (except for the butter usage, oh and the sugar... ok, stay away from the dessert posts unless your having a cheat day! lol) way, then you are in the right place!

I'm so excited to share more posts with you! Don't forget to sign-up for my newsletter, located on the right side bar at the bottom, on my contacts page, or when the homepage loads, feel free to sign up in the pop-up! You'll never miss a recipe or natural remedy!