DIY Seed Saving with Baby Food Jars


Glass bottles and Jars can be pretty heavy on the wallet when buying so many for household use.

Whether using glass for drinking, preserving, storage, or whatever. Glass is a very useful item to have around the house.

Because glass is so valuable to me, I consider myself a Glass Collector, lol.

I’ll collect anything in a re-useable glass jar!


RE-USABLE is key in my life!

One of my favorite glass jar selections would be baby food jars! 

Of course, I love a large glass mason jar, or an extra large pickle jar from major bulk grocery stores.

But I also need super small jars for the Spring Season.


I'm also a Seed Collector and Gardener! Baby food jars and other small glass jars are perfect for organizing & saving seeds.

My easy seed collecting method starts by saving any seeds from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Store bought fresh produce, or grown and harvested in someone’s backyard (even your own) every year, does the trick!

Instead of tossing seeds into the trash, I simply cut open my fruits or vegetables very carefully, remove the seeds, and place seeds onto a paper plate overnight, or for a couple of days till completely dry.

(Tomato’s take a different method, which I will post for you at a later date! Stay Tuned for it… One of the best vegetable seeds to save!)

Those vegetables that go into the meals we eat on a daily basis are usually “Re-Usable” in some way, shape, or form!

If you ever wanted to get into gardening and don’t want to spend any money on your beginner gardening experiences. This is a very frugal way to go about that adventure. But beware, gardening may become a crazy habit! :-D

I easily remove the labels from baby food jars by leaving them submerged in extremely hot water overnight. 

I come back and the labels peel right off!

Now I have a clean slate to decorate my jars with, YAY!

The Cheapest and Easiest decorations I could possible use is… dun dun dun… STICKERS!

One of my childhood favorites, is an adulthood favorite! :-D

I get my stickers at dollar stores or in clearance sections of craft stores. Stickers can be spotted for cheap in a lot of places that carry a crafty isle!

Not only do I like stickers, I love to use Decorating Tape and some BLING accents as well. My favorite part! :-D 

After I have decorated my baby food sized jars the way I want. 

Labeled and Bedazzled of course!

I add the seeds that I dried overnight/a couple of days, into my little glass jars. Close with the lid, and store in a dark dry place until ready to plant in some dirt! 

Wallah! Free Food For life! :-D

Do you save glass jars as well? If, so Which ones are your Favorite?? 

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