D.I.Y. Coconut Extract

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Earlier this week I showed you how to make Vanilla Extract. One of the most familiar extract's out there. 

For gift giving: Start your extracts a few moths in ADVANCE.

I’ve posted these extracts so you may get started NOW. Then you shall have wonderful unique gifts for this holiday season or for any special person who bakes for that matter.

You might get some goodies out of this deal as well!

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Like homemade Vanilla Extract, many other extracts are EASY to make. A couple examples would be Mint Extract & Citrus Extracts (lime, lemon, etc.).

However, some extracts start to need a little more prep. Taking Nut Extracts for example. There are many nut extracts (Almond, Hazelnut, etc.) which tends to have a couple more steps before being covered in alcohol. The extra steps taken create the opportunity for the best possible flavored nut extracts.

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Then there is the COCONUT… Boy oh boy is this INTERMEDIATE!

I have grown up with my moms secret ingredients for her cakes being the “Coconut Flavoring”.

But as I have mentioned before, “Flavoring” is full of chemicals that usually doesn’t even involve the use of the main ingredient itself. 

I am a crazy organic hippy, so coconut flavoring has been a long lost item in my household. If I want to bring the family secret back into my desserts. I have to make it myself.

There aren't any organic or health food stores near me that sells a Coconut Extract. I would have to order the extracts online. I feel as though it is still cheaper to do this yourself if you have a organic budget!


First you must "Drain" the Coconut Water out of the coconut by locating the 3 "Eyes" on the coconut. This is easy to spot because it looks like the coconut has a face :-)    (yea, like that one!) 

To do this: Use something solid, skinny, and clean of course (example- very long nail, screwdriver, or file tools like I used in the photo).

Now, Hammer one of those tools into the hole while also having a tight grip on the coconut. You can also attempt to skip the hammer and jam the nail/screwdriver/file directly into 2 of the 3 holes directly.

These EYES on the coconut are the easiest part to break into.

Coconut 2.jpg

With that being said, once you get two of the eyes opened, drain the coconut of the Coconut Water in a separate dish for drinking.

Feel free to go ahead and drink this now, LOL!

Your going to need all the electrolytes & minerals you can get for the next steps!

Coconut hammer.jpg

I like to crack my coconuts on my porch, cement patio, or the garage. Because of the cement flooring, I don't have to worry about ruining any inside flooring or countertops. 

I place my coconut in a clean towel and set it on the ground before taking a hammer to it.

I give it a nice whack! (I keep giving it a strong whack until it breaks open) Phew!

Not done...

Coconut knife.jpg

You'll need to pry the shell away from the white flesh (make sure the flesh is white, it's rotten if it has a yellow color to it).

I pry the shell away with a butter knife. Just be careful, even butter knives will get you if you are struggling to hard with something!

After the shell has been pried away from all the pieces. Take the "skin" off each of the pieces (This is the worst part for me, It can feel tedious, keep your patience up! Soon you'll have a SECRET Ingredient after all your hard efforts!).

Using a vegetable peeler, peel the brown skin from the coconut meat.

Rinse the peeled coconut pieces off with some cool water and dry

Take your coconut pieces and grate the coconut with the large grating side of a grater.

You should now have enough shredded coconut for a good sized (mason jar size or a little larger) Extract.

Fill your jar with the shredded coconut.

Next cover all the shredded coconut with VODKA and cover with a tight fitted lid.

Going through this takes determination and a steady hand.

Tip: If you would like coconut extract without all the work, just buy a bag of shredded coconuts (not dehydrated and unsweetened) 

You can also easily divide this extract when it has done brewing to give it away as gifts for the holidays or any special occasion! Just remember to shake up the jar every few days or so to blend.

Coconut Extract 2.jpg


1 Whole Coconut (Yield about 1 cup shredded coconut)

1 Cup Vodka 

12-14+ oz Glass container with a tight fitting lid for storage



  1. Drain Coconut Water from coconut by piercing into the eyes of the coconut with a nail/screwdriver/file tool. Tip coconut over a small bowl and let water flow out of coconut.
  2. Place coconut into a towel and set onto the ground to crack open with a hammer
  3. Pry the shell away from the white coconut flesh with a butter knife
  4. Using a vegetable peeler, peel the brown skin from the de-shelled coconut meat.
  5. Rinse the peeled coconut pieces off with some cool water and dry
  6. Take your coconut pieces and grate the coconut with the large grating side of a grater
  7. Place grated coconut in glass container that has a tight fitting lid 
  8. Cover grated coconut with Vodka
  9. Cover with tight fitted lid 
  10. Store in a cool dark place for 2 months

*Shake the contents of the container every week at least or every couple of days to mix the ingredients around.



  • Make sure the flesh is white, it's rotten if it has a yellow color to it!
  • Make sure to fully cover the shredded coconut in the container with vodka.
  • You can use double the size jar I used, but any larger will require more shredded coconut!
  • You'll want to SAVE the DATE you started your extract on by either writing it on your container, calendar, or anywhere you will most likely remember! 


What other extracts do you love!? :-D

If you have some extracts brewing at home, interrupt their cool dark space for a moment and take a picture! I’d love to see your extracts on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter    #chocolatemamalovesvanilla