8 Things No One Told Me About Potty Training!

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YIKES! I was never told that there are so many methods to potty training!

1. Girl VS. Boy- I guess I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed on that one! Maybe you were, but I literally thought you just sit them down on the universal kid potties (BOY or GIRL), and they would get it in there. WRONG! Boys will have that little wand pointing in many directions!

2. Young VS. Older- My son was showing signs of being ready for the potty (said everyone in my family, lol). He wasn’t old enough to talk, so I read about how to teach a non talking human to pee in the potty. 

3. 3 Days VS. Longer- I saw a lot of articles claiming to get your child potty trained in just 3 DAYS. Then of course there are longer ones. I’m on the long journey!

4. You MUST stay Home- No grocieres, not visiting friends, NOTHING. If you want any chance of that 3 day success, you must eat, sleep and breath watching for signs of your child being ready to go to the potty. 

5. Graduate to Pull Ups or Undies??- 

  • Pull-Up Training Pants: I thought these were the only thing I needed for this step. I’ve read some articles on skipping these to keep from needing to train your child to stop using those as well. The advise was to move straight to undies. The reasoning for this is Pull Ups have too much padding (close to diapers). Kids might revert to going in their training pants, instead of holding it to avoid being wet when wearing only undies.
  • Undies - The size 2T/3T is the first size in pull-ups and undies. Try not to be intimidated by the “2T” If your child isn’t age 2 yet. Buy them and try them out on your child. My son is 18 months and he fits just fine in them!

Training pull up diapers have less padding than diapers with ripp-able sides for easy removing! Don’t pull them down after a #2! Trust Me!

6. Sitting and/or Standing- Currently I’m working on the sitting part, which if you had a girl would not be a problem. I currently only had enough time for the pee part, so we are still continuing our potty training journey (stay tuned!)

7. The Night Shift - This is were PADDING comes in HANDY! My son sleeps through the night, but his bladder doesn’t!

8. 3 Days (at least!) of Cleaning All Waste - From off of the floor, or carpet… or tub, bed, chair, couch, and walls… have I left any other surface of a home out?? 


What Helped Me?

3 Days of Pure NAKED-NESS-  NO CLOTHES! Except for the Night Shift! My son needed to SEE where this sensation he felt was coming from. That way he would know where to put his waste eventually!

Padding or Dog Pee Pads- The Night shift is one I haven’t figured out yet! Until I do I have loaded the bed with peeing pads for dogs or padding for the handicap or elderly

Must Have/Gain Patience- Even though I would set a timer and check every 30 min… My son was just peeing in random segments and I couldn’t catch his accidents as much as I tried to!

LOTS of Wipes!! - My son is so active! The very first day of training, my son was scared of the potty chair and would run from me when I brought it towards him. Pee/Poop would be on him, me, and everywhere!!

WaterWipes are amazing! My son never had a diaper rash, EVER! The wipes are 99.9% water and .1% grapefruit seed extract. Just 2 Ingredients & CHEMICAL FREE! These wipes have the best durable cloth napkins, which have made #2’s so quick and easy for me. The stickiest stuff is so easy to wipe off of my son! LOVE THESE!

I found WaterWipes at my local Meijer! You can find WaterWipes with their Store Locator

Such a safe & natural option for my son while we train. I don't relocate the wipes in another container because they are NOT inter folded & DON'T contain preservatives (YAY!). The package keeps up to 15 months before being opened. Once I open the pack, I use the wipes within a month.


Constant Positive Reinforcement- My son got his peeing down in the potty because of the constant cheers! 

Don’t Keep the Potty in Just the Bathroom- I moved that potty all around the house! Have it everywhere he goes! This is why I couldn’t dream of leaving the house during training!

Check every 30 min, seriously! Set a timer.

Try more than one method, just get that pee in that potty!

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