D.I.Y. Copycat Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino!


The first thing in my journey to health in the food department was cutting out all fast food. I had some weaknesses that made this change a challenge. One food weakness were french fries and my beverage weakness was Iced Cappuccino’s.

My favorite choice of Iced Cappuccinos was the Ice Cappuccino’s from Tim Hortons. I would buy one if I simply just saw a tim hortons on my commute.

One time I was almost finished with a “Ice Capp” (as I call it) I had just purchased, and not even a full hour before seeing another Tim Horton’s establishment, I went and purchased another!

SO let's get started on the homemade perspective:

First make a cup of coffee! Decaf is what I use, which is another perk of making this recipe homemade. Tim Hortons only had the caffeinated version. I needed my fix during and after pregnancy, and decaf was the only way I could indulge. Your not going to argue with a pregnant lady right? :-)


Being very careful, your going to pour your sweetened hot coffee into an ice cube tray. If you feel safer waiting for your coffee to cool, please do! Then place it into your freezer for the magic to start to happen


Do the same with the chocolate milk and the water (you shouldn't have to worry about burning yourself on this step!)


Once everything is frozen, add it into whatever blender you have at home. I have a magic bullet, so that is what I have in my pictures. There isn't a particular order, but I started with the sweetened coffee cubes...


Then the frozen chocolate milk...


A couple cubes of Ice...


Top it off with milk. Looks like the last step right? NOPE! Blend those lushes lunks together!


The reason why I loved the Tim Hortons Version over other versions of the “Iced Cappuccino" was the fact that it wasn’t a cold Cappuccino poured over ice. It is completely blended till smooth and creamy. Somewhat like a Slurpie or slushy


I blame this addiction on a past high school boyfriend who worked there after school was over. His way of winning me over was bringing me this cold creamy coffee beverage when the weather was nice and hot. I was hooked to the point that the boy in high school would always have that delicious beverage waiting for me when I arrived.

I love these things so much, I’m having a hard time continuing to write this post! I’m getting an uncontrollable urge to go into the kitchen and make me a fix! If your with me on this lets get to it with the recipe below!


1 cup Brewed Coffee (Regular or Decaf)

1 cup Chocolate Milk

1/4 cup Water

1/2 cup Milk

1/2 cup Sugar, divided (add more or less if desired)*

3 Ice Cube Trays



  1. Mix coffee and 1/4 cup sugar together until sugar dissolves
  2. Freeze the coffee, chocolate milk, and water in ice cube trays (around an hour)
  3. In a blender, blend the Coffee cubes, chocolate milk cubes, ice cubes, remaining sugar (1/4 cup) and milk together until blended and smooth

*After everything is blended add more sugar if desired for preferred sweetness. If too sweet add more milk and ice cubes!


  • You can choose to either freeze the milk or the water, but make sure it's one or the other, then use which ever you didn't freeze as the liquid to help blend everything together
  • In the video I did not show the extra sugar used in the freshly brewed coffee... I find a huge difference in sugar usage when you split the sugar by letting one part dissolve into the coffee and then blending the rest within the the blender itself.
  • This recipe can be shared between two people, unless you are a coffee junkie... then that would be crazy! :-D