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Hey there, hope you are having a relatively stress-free day!

Welcome to Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla!

I’m Ashley a 27 year old newly single mom to my wonderful baby boy Aidan. We are a mixed family for sure! Our family circle is a melting pot from all different backgrounds, but we have been born and raised in Michigan. Leaving me NOT the biggest fan of cold weather. I’m picturing somewhere warmer in the future, unless the winter kills me here! 

I’m obsessed with living life as natural as possible! It’s fun for me NOT to leave everything up to corporations to make every thing for me. I enjoy creating and keeping my brain moving even though I tend to forget a lot of things (Even more so since getting pregnant!), lol 

I’m kinda cheesy and enjoy laughing at as much as possible (as long as it is not at anyone’s expense) So pardon me if I use “LOL” in my posts. I don’t know how professional that is, but I think I’ll make that an exception! :-) (Faces too! lol)

About Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla:

Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla has been created because of my family. I think I have come to a point where I have talked all of their ears off about living naturally and healthier. But I have to let it all out somehow! So what better way then a blog! Hopefully you have come to this blog because of similar interest, curiosity to know more, or even to compare the many different ways possible to live natural and healthy.

The main focus will be recipes because my love for food is SERIOUS! I am a self/family taught cook. I have taken cooking to an extreme of attempting to make everything from scratch. Once you realize how easy it is to do it yourself, life doesn’t seem so scary for some reason.  Being prepared for when the world ends seems appropriate right? :-)

When I’m not talking about recipes I will be talking about my crazy family, my little angel, and sharing many ways to be natural and self sufficient, whether it’s in your body, on your body, in your home, or outside of the home. 



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