D.I.Y Chocolate Milk


Milk is one awesome beverage! It does so many things for our body from our bones to our mouth when its on fire from something crazy spicy. 


Those are just to name a couple with the endless amount of things milk creates for us as human beings to consume in the kitchen. Pour it on cereal for something quick, add it to a cake for a moist dessert, or marrying it to chocolate!


Thats right, chocolate and milk are married and they are living happily ever after, didn’t you know? Well if not then I am officially letting you know that a good marriage is Chocolate Milk! Thats if you want it in it’s cold form. It is still a fabulous marriage when it Hot Chocolate also. :-D


Chocolate milk is the beverage I would order out at a restaurant when my budget would have preferred me to order a water instead. But I couldn't resist a cold chocolatey glass of chocolate milk.


Now with my all natural lifestyle, I had to figure out how to make chocolate milk at home myself. I have and I can’t wait for you to try it! I know there has to be many ways to get chocolate milk if your determined enough.


My version involves a lot of organic grass fed milk, some powdered sugar to sweeten it up (granulated sugar would make the beverage gritty), and  cocoa powder. There you have it folks…Chocolate Milk!


1 cup Milk

2 teaspoons Cocoa Powder

4 teaspoons Powdered Sugar (use more or less for desired sweetness)



Place all ingredients in your blender and blend for 1 min.

*Adding a splash of Vanilla Extract (1/4 teaspoon) kicks up the flavor!