D.I.Y Hot Chocolate


I've been in need of a quick warm up with some "D.I.Y. Hot Chocolate". It has been cold for too long here in Michigan! Sometimes it seems like forever for summer to come for a visit. Yes, a visit. Summer seems to come for such a short sweet time here.

Summer is something that is truly appreciated after a long winter where I live. I tend to treat summer like it's one big birthday! Until then, Spring is the next best thing. 


The beginning of Spring is a wonderful time. It's full of hopes and dreams for whats to come over the remaining of the year. Time for seniors in high school to start dreaming of what they want to do, where they want to go. Gardeners are dreaming of what they want in their gardens, where to put it for the ultimate plant growth, and how much so homes can be filled with a bountiful harvest.

Spring is a dreamers wonderland as it gets warmer and warmer, and sunbathing seems more and more possible. When it rains you may think to yourself, "this is better than snow!" or If you just laid out seeds in the garden, you get a day off from watering because  mother nature is doing it for us.

While you were dreaming, you may have used up all your powdered hot chocolate over the winter and/or maybe you didn't restock because you were thinking you'd be moving on to ice cold beverages soon.

Fear not! When a random cold day "springs" up on you. Easily, melt some chocolate chips/pieces into some hot milk and DONE! You have instant hot chocolate to warm up with and keep dreaming!



1 Cup Milk

2 teaspoons Sugar

2 tablespoons Chocolate Chips/Pieces



  1. You heat milk and sugar till hot over the stove top in a saucepan (1min 30secs for microwave)
  2. Add the chocolate chips/pieces, stir until chips/pieces have melted and become one with the milk!
  3. Enjoy! :-D


This recipe can be double, tripled, etc.!

Use more or less sugar or whatever sweeter you prefer in this recipe!