Awesome Sides: Green Beans and Potatoes


So you have your Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Fish ready to be cooked for Dinner. But can't decide what to have with it? You know you should provide a vegetable and maybe something that will help fill up you or your family, perhaps a starch?

Have no fear! Green Been and Potatoes are here! This side dish is so yummy you'll forget all about the meat!


This dish alone makes me thrilled to garden every spring. I plant all the ingredients in this dish with ease, and I end up with a FREE Delicious dish! When I'm waiting on my garden to grow, I still can't help but to make this dish!

I love the colors of the green beans and the red potatoes. You can use whatever potatoes you would like. Red potatoes are easier because you don't need to peel the skin. The skin melts in your mouth and provides lots of nutrients!


Green Beans and Potatoes can feed a family of 4 with ease. Just put everything in a pot and let it transform into deliciousness! 

If you have a large function to prepare a dish for, this side dish is a WINNER. Double, Triple, or Gazillionize this recipe to your hearts desire! Just don't forget to invite me for dinner! :-D


Prep: 5 min                  Cook Time: 25min                 Servings: 6



2 Pounds Green Beans ( Fresh or 2 16oz Bags Frozen)

10 - 12 Red Potatoes, Large Dice

1/2 an Onion, Medium Sliced or Diced

3 Cloves Garlic, Minced ( or 1 Teaspoon)

3 Cups Water

1 Teaspoon Salt

1 Teaspoon Pepper

4 Tablespoons Butter (1/2 a stick)



  1. In a Medium/Large pot add Green Beans, Red Potatoes, Onion, Garlic and Water
  2. Bring water with ingredients to a boil, then add Salt and Pepper
  3. After pot comes to a boil turn heat down to Medium High, cover with a lid and let cook for about 20-25 min, Stirring occasionally and making sure pot doesn't become dry before potatoes have softened!
  4. Once the beans and potatoes are soft and the water is almost gone from the pot, add the butter and stir until everything is combined.
  5. Taste before serving to make sure dish is seasoned to your liking and Enjoy!


If using a different/larger potato than red potatoes, make sure to peel the skin and use half the amount of potatoes listed in the ingredient section.