D.I.Y. Vanilla Extract


Guess what time it is!?

It’s EXTRACT Time!

I’m showing you how to make your own extract because it is so EASY that it’s crazy!

I’m going to start off with the most used extract ever!

So, If you thought VANILLA then you would be right! :-D


It is also time for all the fun HOLIDAY's that come back to back each month. 

The gifts of Extracts take planning in advance. Every year I have to think 3 months ahead of time for all my friends and family. 

The month of October isn't just for candy, pumpkins, and apple picking. My October includes the joy of making Extracts!


On to the Vanilla Extract! :-D

For being such a huge staple in dishes around the world, this extract sure is Costly!

The finer the bean the more money. The cheaper the product, the quality is lost.

Vanilla Extract becomes Vanilla “Flavoring”. Because It tastes like Vanilla Extract, but it is NOT vanilla extract! It’s mostly made up of chemicals and other unhealthy things. Imposter!

So do yourself a favor and go for Real Vanilla Extract Made by YOU! It taste so much better AND is much better for you than processed chemicals.

Extract is a concentrated way to flavor something while only needing a few drops or spoonfuls.

With that being said, Making Extract takes TWO INGREDIENTS. Thats right... TWO

The item you want the flavor of the extract to take on, in this case it's VANILLA


VODKA (or rum, but vodka is the most neutral)

The liquor is the "Puller" of the process. Whatever flavor you use, when covered in vodka (or rum), will be "pulled" of it’s flavor. Vodka can soak up many flavors slowly but surely.

When the Vodka "pulls" the vanilla bean flavor, it will also start to turn the deep, dark, and brown color of the vanilla bean by the end of the process. You will barely be able to see the vanilla bean pole in the jar by the 2nd month. 

That full brown color is a huge indicator that it is ready for all your cooking purposes!

*When using alcohol in a dish that will be cooked or involves heat. You will cook the alcohol out. Only the flavor will be left for your enjoyment.


I use my vanilla beans twice before throwing them out.

I add more vodka back onto my vanilla beans once I run out of extract for a second time.

Then after I have used up the second round of homemade extract, I use the tiny little beans inside the bean pole to make my homemade vanilla bean ice cream!


Now, even though vanilla is a very LOVED Extract. There are so many more flavors out there needed for flavoring our splendid dishes.

I wanted to give vanilla extract it’s glory for being the most used extract in cooking everywhere! 

Make sure to stay tuned for OTHER EXTRACTS this week!

Also come back at the beginning of December to see the FINISHED Luxurious Deep Brown Color of the Vanilla Extract. I will also be showing you how to label and dress your Extracts for Gift Giving!

Until DECEMBER give your extract a little shake every week and watch it get darker and darker each time you check it!




2 Whole Vanilla Beans

1/2 Cup Vodka 

4 oz (118ml) Container with a tight fitting lid for storage



  1. Take both the Vanilla Beans and cut them in half (creating 4 sticks)
  2. Slit all 4 beans down the center (try not to slice the bean from top to bottom, leave a little of the tip unspilt to help keep the vanilla beans from escaping)
  3. Place vanilla beans in container that has a tight fitting lid (Preferably a glass container)
  4. Cover Vanilla Beans with Vodka
  5. Cover with tight fitted lid 
  6. Store in a cool dark place for over 2 months

*Shake the contents of the container every week at least or every couple of days to mix the ingredients around.



  • Keeping the vanilla beans from escaping the bean pole, keeps your extract from having the tiny little specks from going into your recipes. 
  • Make sure to fully cover the beans in the container with vodka.
  • You can use double the size if the jar I used, but any larger will require more than two vanilla beans!
  • You'll want to SAVE the DATE you started your extract on by either writing it on your container, calendar, or anywhere you will most likely remember! 

If you have some extracts brewing at home, interrupt their cool dark space for a moment and take a picture! I’d love to see your extracts on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter    #chocolatemamalovesvanilla