2 Ingredient Sweet BBQ Sauce


Have you ever run out of BBQ sauce and that was it? Nothing to Dip your Chicken fingers in, or cover your hamburgers with!? Even your french fries are denied a dip in that dark, smoky, sweet and sometimes spicy goodness.

Did anyone ever tell you that BBQ Sauce is literally 2 Ingredients, that you have in your house for a quick Emergency??

Brown Sugar 4 (blog).jpg

Well let me expose the truth! The OH SO TASTY 2 Ingredient truth (with the simplest measurements).

DRUM ROLL: Equal Parts BROWN SUGAR to KETCHUP =  Make as much BBQ as you want! Make enough for a Huge pig roast, or catering function. To as little as enough for your takeout, where the restuarant forgot to throw some sauce in your bag! 

If you want to get fancy, throw a teaspoon of whatever spices you like. OR add some KICK by adding cajun or cayenne!

BBQ 3 (blog).jpg

Now, because of the sugar, you must heat the mixture. Either stove top or during cooking times of whatever your covering with the sauce (Basting meat/vegetable/fruit on the grill, in the oven, etc.).

Just add the sauce when the food is 1/2 way cooked. :-)

Heating/cooking the 2 ingredient mixture, allows those granulates from the sugar to dissolve, or it will have a little gritty crunch to it. Use that as a guide of how much time it needs left to heat up before digging in!

Now you have your own BBQ Sauce! Play with it however you want! I use it just like this!

It is absolutely FANTASTIC like this. Sometimes when company/guests comes over for dinner, I add spices for heat to the sauce.

Do what you want. Little will your guests know, that there is simply 2 INGREDIENTS that you had lying around the house!  It sure will sound cool when you say you made the BBQ yourself! :-D



1 cup Brown Sugar

1 cup Ketchup

1 teaspoon Herbs (Optional- cayenne, minced garlic, etc.)

1 tablespoon Oil (only needed for dipping sauce)



  • For Dipping Sauce: 

Heat oil in saucepan on medium low, stir brown sugar, ketchup, and herbs (optional) together until Fully Combined, add all ingredients and cook on a low heat for 5-10min until sugar dissolves and browns. 

  • For Baking/cooking with: (Oil NOT Needed)

Simply stir ingredients together until fully combined, and coat anything your cooking, with the mixture.