Going Nuts Oatmeal

Somedays you just can’t outrun missing a screw. Weather or not you may have gotten enough sleep, haven’t had your first coffee of the day, or even if your kids are bouncing off the walls. You are entitled to go nuts every once and a while.

I can say that I notice I am not my best if I don’t start the day off with food. While I recommend meditation, soothing zen music, or some yoga to distress. Those may not be enough to get the screw back in place (you may not even enjoy those options in the first place, lol).

Everyone gets to busy to cook first thing in the morning sometimes. I have a solution for those mornings you know you don’t have the time. Oatmeal! Not just any oatmeal though!

This recipe can be made ahead of time, it makes 4 servings, and lasts a good 5 days refrigerated.

If you have a peanut allergy, you can replace the peanut butter for any other type of nut butter ( almond, cashew, and even sunflower seed). If you are allergic to nuts in general sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds) is really quite tasty. Or simply just opt out of it all together and still have a sweet delicious bowl of oatmeal.

The mixture of steal oats cooked in milk & water is something of absolute creamy certainty!

Melting butter into the creamy cooked oats adds even more creaminess. Next add in all the sweet embellishments (brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon, and maple syrup {optional}).

For the crunch you add in the pecans (or any nut you prefer). By the way, this recipe is a must if your working out and building muscle! All the protein and fiber you need for breakfast, lunch, or even after a workout.


Lastly, just when you think the oats couldn’t get any creamier, stir in the peanut butter and dig in to get your sanity back!

If it doesn’t come back, well then, “If you can’t beat them, Join em!” 


Servings: 4


2 Cups Water

2 Cups Milk

1 Cup Steel Cut Oats

4 Tablespoons Butter 

1/2 cup Brown Sugar (use more or less if desired)

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 tablespoon Maple Syrup (optional)

1/2 cup Raisins

1/2 cup Pecans

2+ tablespoons Chunky Peanut Butter (may use creamy for less texture)



  1. Combine water, milk, and oats. Stir and bring to a boil
  2. Once at a boil, turn heat down to low
  3. Cook on low heat for 30-40 min, stirring occasionally
  4. Once oats are cooked, add the butter, brown sugar, maple syrup (optional), salt, and cinnamon. Stir till combined
  5. Mix the raisins and pecans into the oats
  6. Lastly stir in peanut butter.

If your oats are still full of liquid, in 30min, repeat step 2 and watch the oats every 10 min or so depending on how thick they are becoming

Tip: For Babies 9months and older, omit the pecans & sugar. Make sure peanut butter is creamy and thin mixture as much as you want with water or breastmilk.