Kids Email Review


Now that I have entered the world of Parenthood, in a time of technology. I realized that I can never be too safe or cautious of what, where, who, or whatever my child is getting into.

We are all pretty aware that the internet would be one of those cautions!

As a young kid I had an e-mail address. I was apart of the era where the internet had just become a household thing. Shortly after the internet erupted. Email & Chat Rooms became such a hot commodity. At the same time it also became a predators buffet!

I remember chatting in those chat rooms with tons of people. I had no clue about them, but I started to engage into private conversations because of curiosity and boredom.

Luckily, for me I made up a fake name, location, and life. I always thought one day I would be a secret agent. The web gave me the outlet to pretend. After all I was just a child with an imagination and curiosity.

Also as a child, I was very lucky that I wasn’t lonely. I had a loving family that I never had thoughts of seeking out love away from home. This isn’t always the case, that has been proven! Too many children have been unlucky in the crossfire of this internet take-off.


Since the take-off of the internet, more and more technology arrises to the surface. Giving kids more and more access to the sometimes harsh and cruel world they have no real clue about.

I’ve stumbled upon a safer outlet for this generation of children to grow up with. It is specifically for kids, called KidsEmail . It’s Email FOR Kids!

What if you could: 

  • Edit a Contact List in which your child could ONLY exchange (receive and send) mail from
  • Have copies of outgoing mail messaged to you?
  • Filter the bad words out?
  • Choose to allow/remove any attachments, links, and/or Images from emails?
  • Add additional parents email for notifications for an extra set of chaperoning?
You can at KidsEmail ! YAY!

It's really amazing to be able to customize everything, all the way to the background! There was a cool wolf background that I loved, and other cute themes to choose from!

So lets just say I post this, and it goes viral (lol, a girl can dream right!), then a bunch of terrible people sign up to pretend to be other children?

The "Email Queue" is a place for messages that are waiting for your approval before being sent to your children! How awesome is that! This is where you can approve or reject any of the messages sent to your little angels!


YOU the parent, are the one who creates the contact list! You may even select a picture for the contact.


How about those moments when your little angel has been very very naughty? Grounding kids to their room is actually a reward in our era. Sending them outside seems like the punishment.

KidsEmail makes it easy to help you out with no e-mail access during set times of your choosing. For those wonderful moments your child thinks they are smarter then you are. :-)


The keeping your kids safe part of parenting can be VERY overwhelming. Any new concepts and technology I come across, about keeping our children safe, while allowing them to experience the world, with it’s ever growing innovations is a deffinate plus for me!

Check out KidsEmail for yourself, the website offers a very long free trail! :-D

I'd love to know as a parent some actions you do to keep your kids safe on the internet! Leave your comments below!

This post is sponsored by KidsEmail. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands who support Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla!