Getting the Most Out of Your Babies Clothes by Brand


You either just had a baby, your about to have one, or plan on one in the future. Besides the crib, carseat/stroller, and the diapers, you are probably excited or overwhelmed (or both!) about what you invasion your baby wearing, and definitely how many of those outfit you need!

Babies grow at rapid speed! You want to make sure you have enough clothes for each month of you babies first year. It is also helpful to buy clothes that will last your babies lightning speed growth. This will help stretch your pocketbook.

 Another way to save money is to limit the amount of designer branded clothes for the 1st year. Save designer for when your child is old enough to stay in them for longer periods of time. Until then, a good rule of thumb if you can't resist those cute designer outfits, is to buy them in the sizes for specific occasions (Holidays, Special Events, Pictures, etc.).


Types of Baby Clothes

Bodysuits/Onesies - These usually go over your baby's head with snap buttons on the bottom. Making it easy to keep diapers in place and accessible for diaper changes

Layette- A whole put together outfit (onesie/shirt, pants, and head cap)

Rompers - It's like a Bodysuit, instead it has the shorts built into it, making this a perfect summer outfit

Side Snap Shirts - Shirts with a couple of snaps on the shoulder, sometimes the snaps are located on the top back of the shirt

Sleepers- These Snap or Zip down the middle or from one foot to your baby's neckline. Perfect for keeping baby warm during their 1st months of life when they can't sleep with blankets in their crib. Also perfect for warmth years later!

Sweaters - Just like Adults, except small enough for your baby

Undershirts - Thin little shirts or Thin Bodysuits/Onesies to go under baby's outfit for an extra layer or even by itself on an extremely hot day.


Head Cap - A snug fitting head cap to keep baby's head warm

Pairs of Booties - These are like hand mittens except they are for baby's feet to stay covered and warm without then wearing shoes

Pairs of Hand Mittens - Place hand mittens on baby's hands to keep them warm, and to keep your baby from scratching their face

Pairs of Socks - Keeps baby's feet warm


Brands of Clothes by Fit

Brands are evaluated from a Tight, Roomy, and Just Right perspective over a years time below. The Sizes In Parenthesis are the sizes I have tested out the most.

Sizes Evaluated During Baby's 1st Year:

Newborn vs. 0-3months

3months vs. 0-3months vs. 3-6months

6months vs. 3-6months vs. 6-9months vs. 6-12months

9months vs. 6-9months vs. 9-12months

12months vs. 12-18months


- If it Says 3 Months It barely fits a Three month old baby, and if your baby is bigger then average, Forget it!

  • RuggedBear (3-6months)


Lots of room to grow:

 - If it says 3 months, it could be worn longer than the month suggested

  • Yoga Sprout (0-3months)
  • Circo (0-3months)
  • Small Wonders (0-3months)
  • Gerber (3months)
  • Carters (3months)
  • Little me


Just Right:

- If it Says 3 Months It is literal

  • Bon Babe (3-6months)
  • First Impressions* (3months)
  • Burts Bees

Always remember that every baby is different. You as a mother will learn your baby as he/she grows. This is just a guide to help you during your first year of parenthood when purchasing clothes. 

If your child was born premie, or small enough to fit premie, your child most likely will be a month or so behind what the clothes label reads. For example, if your baby is turning 6 months, they most likely will be/are in the 3-6 month labeled clothing still. This is perfectly fine, just remember to buy clothes the category before from then out.

Tips - 

The fit of a particular size also makes a difference for your baby if it is labeled:

Premie, Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months:

This size normally means it is for your baby when they turn that age and wear it until it doesn't fit anymore. These sizes worked for me for a couple months.

0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months :

This size normally means it goes in quarters, so you have at least 3 months in these age groups.

Other (6-12 months):

This supposedly means they can fit these for 6 months! I DO NOT like these. It is to much of a size gap for growing babies. If your baby is 6 months, it usually is way too large and hang/falls off of them. On the other hand if you have a large baby who outgrows sizes quickly, these may be perfect for you!

*First Impressions has sizes of 6-12 months. Other then that there other sizes tend to be quite literal. 

Hopefully, I helped you with baby clothes sizes, because they grow so fast I would love to hear about any clothes brands out there and how those sizes worked for you!