Gardening: Growing Green Babies!

Spring is Here! At least in Michigan. lol I'm sure if your somewhere else you already have been experiencing spring. Michigan weather is so crazy... one time it snowed close to summer and it was COLD The beauty of that was the weather killed the mosquitoes and there weren't any the whole summer! I'll take that any year!

The picture below is a quick example of a part of my harvest last year. I had been pregnant, so I didn't get to do as many different crops as I wanted. This worked out for my family anyways. God was good to us and he still saved us on a handful of produce!


This year felt like spring had a very slow start. I am not defeated though, I am still starting my crops this year like my life depends on it.

Below I am sharing my plans and hopefully you get an example of the steps it takes before you actually start to digging out there!

Chocolate Mama loves Vanilla Pictures Garden.001.jpg

Step 1: plan and map out area for plants

Making a visual helps you know where to put your plants you've been dreaming of growing. Then Each year you'll just know where they go and you'll just have to look up the new plant types you want to add to your garden.

Trust me, it may seem silly, but it helps to have a goal plan! Not all plants get along with each other, and then there are plants that are best friends (which help you out in the long run).

Also it's good to know where your trees are. Trees have lots of large roots that can suck up a lot of water. Think of being stranded with a Giant in the desert and there is only one large glass of water. The giant is going to be needing that!

I recommend a companion graph. Fabulessly Frugal has one that I used this year.


I'n the end, you have some green babies to nurture. Then those babies will nurture you! Win/Win!

Keep checking back for updates on what I'm growing and How To Grow them!