D.I.Y Brown Sugar

I'll keep this short and SWEET! Ha! I just kill myself with the cheesy puns. I mean I'm slightly mortified of my sense of humor. I love a good cheesy line though. Laughter can never be underestimated in my life.

It must be because I'm an only child. Not to long ago, my family was over and we had a full blown discussion of the differences between being a Only Child Vs. Children with Siblings. What I noticed is that children with siblings tend to be more quick witted then only children. 

I'm not saying that only children are not quick witted. I'm just observing that if a only child and a child with siblings had a battle of the wits. The child with a sibling might come up with some witty genius a tad bit quicker.

Maybe this is because Children with siblings that played together had to come up with a tall tale quickly to their parents before the other sibling rats them out. Where as an only child with a toy fowl may be able to pull off a "what happens at playtime stay at playtime"!


If you haven't noticed by now, I'm African American. I've dated my share of different nationalities, and somehow the pick-up lines involved in this have been cheesy, and have also worked out for some of these male suitors I've come across. For example, "Hey There, Brown Sugar!" or "I Like Brown Sugar!". Well guess what, I LOVE brown sugar! Literal brown sugar that is :-D

The deep flavor of molasses that seep into the sugar, which ends up making the sugar moist and delicious. The wonderful brown color that can expose wether or not you have light brown sugar, or dark brown sugar. Both versions can kick a dessert up a notch. Oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, caramel, carrot bran muffins, chocolate cakes, etc. etc. etc. The list could go on and on for desserts that are typically dark in color.

For example, I wouldn't add brown sugar to an Angel Food Cake, Vanilla Pudding, or a white wedding cake. Because then the colors would change and of course you'd be altering the tastes of the strong vanilla flavors of the recipes. With that being said, anything where the colors are darker go for it!

I've posted the recipe for making your own brown sugar. I find it cheaper to make your own, and I also find it a relief to know how brown sugar is actually made. That way if you run out of brown sugar, you can easily make your own. Especially if you don't use it all the time. Brown sugar does have the tendency to get ROCK hard if not sealed tightly, as well as after a long period of time.

To solve the problem of your brown sugar going to waste, this recipe allows for you to make how ever much brown sugar you may need at that very moment. If you want to stock your cabinets with brown sugar because you use it often, you can simply double, triple, or gazillion-nize the recipe below.



1 cup Sugar

1 tablespoon Mollasses



Simple! Stir both ingredients together until fully combined!

Tip:   For Dark Brown Sugar add 1/2 Tablespoon more