All Natural Pre-Poo/Shampoo!


Funny Title eh? PRE-POO?

lol But it's true, and no, I'm not talking about anything involving toilets! LOL

I'm talking about Shampoo, except this is the step before all of that (Hence the word "PRE"), which is very important! 

This is the time to detangle all those messy threads on top of your head. I do it ONCE a week! You don't want to do this more than twice a week. Your hair isn't going to get damaged or anything, you just won't get the best results this method has to offer! 

The benefits will start to work against you if it's overdone! Everything in Moderation! Don't worry, you'll get that hair growing a lot quicker than whatever you may have (or may not have) been doing before! :-)

It's also the best method for quick results of hair loss prevention!





If you find some eggs on sale, turn them into more than an omelette for breakfast! Start your day with a very nutritious meal for your lushious locks (Your Hair! lol)

Eggs contain MINERALS:  sulphur (found in egg yolk increases hair growth!) , zinc, iron, phosphorous, iodine, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium =  Stronger hair and Prevents hair loss.

Don't miss out on ALL the BENEFITS a 

single EGG provides, such as:


  • Biotin - Helps to provide Healthy Roots and Follicles of Hair
  • Fatty Acids – Help create shiny hair, prevents dandruff, hair loss, and (Bonus!) psoriasis
  • Lecithin - Helps with Reducing Frizz while making hair smooth. Eliminates Brittle Strands while still Preventing Hair Loss
  • Protein – Promotes Thicker and Stronger Hair Strands
  • Vitamin A – Helps in the Prevention of Dandruff!
  • Vitamin B (found in an egg yolk) –  Increases oxygen supply to hair and Improves Circulation
  • Vitamin D – Helps with Hair Growth
  • Vitamin E - Helps Oxygen Supply to Hair


2 Eggs** (See Tips Below)

2 teaspoons Olive Oil

1/2 cup Warm Water



  1. Whip eggs and olive oil together in a medium sized bowl
  2. You can either keep it in the bowl, or pour into a spray bottle (I use a spray bottle, but I have also used it straight from the bowl)
  3. Then add the water and shake/stir/mix together till well combined
  4. Once combined, use in hair till every inch and strand is covered in mixture.
  5. Place a shower cap over hair
  6. Let sit in your hair for 30min. Then rinse!



Thin Hair: Use only eggs whites

Medium Hair: Use the whole egg

Course Hair: Use only the yolks

Once a Week is Recommended, don't do this pre-poo more than twice a week!

Try Not to exceed the 30min, set a timer! 


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