All Natural ONE Ingredient Deodorant!


Thats right! This is a picture of a LIME! This lime will become your new favorite. For anyone who is a fan of a little beverage called "Corona" or "Margarita's". Lime may already be your favorite. Even key lime pie could strike a familiar image of what you could do with a lime

This time, I'm not talking about a recipe. I'm talking about your pits! Arm Pits! You know, that area of your body that could embarrass you in a split second if you sweat to hard from doing normal tasks. Heck, maybe you haven't sweated. Maybe you haven't showered in FOREVER. I don't know what your doing over there but put down that ALZHEIMER CHEMICAL! You know, that white or clear thing you call Deodorant!


I mean seriously, if you have felt that your memory isn't as good as it used to be, and your in your 20's.... YOU got a long way to go before you should be losing those precious memories. Wether or not you may want to forget some stuff in your partying days or even some terrible dating choices. This is not the way to go!

Sure there are other all natural ways to deodorize yourself.

Looking at this might even have you feel like this is not enough to keep those pits of yours tamed. You might even be thinking Really? a lime? All I have to say is YES! A LIME!

I'm not going to even act as if I didn't do that same thing. It took me till a lime was actually going to waste in my fridge because, I had nothing to do with it in the time that I had. I looked at that lime and I just couldn't bare letting it simply go to waste. All I could think of was, "How much i spent on that single ORGANIC lime?" Can you feel me now? We all know how much organic can cost you at times!


So, I did what any crazy adventurous person would do. I sliced that green goodness open and rubbed it under my CLEAN bare underarms. I put on a sweater in my hot house, cooked for hours, changed diapers, and wore myself out playing with my little bundle of joy. I literally sweated till I couldn't sweat anymore, and then I checked my pits.

OMG I smelled like NOTHING! Could this have been a science experiment that could have given me an A+ in High school instead of the C+ I got trying to raise a bunch of tadpoles till they became frogs in different living conditions!? I didn't just stop there, I was so amazed that for testing purposes, I didn't wash my underarms for a few more days, I just kept applying the lime and I still smelled like nothing!

I'm a believer and this is my everyday deodorant. I still smell like nothing. I advise you to just do it and let me know how far you go at proving this is a excellent way to keep fresh!

All Natural, 1 Ingredient Deodorant


1 Lime



  1. Cut lime in half and rub lime all over you underarm surface


To Re-Use: Gently Squeeze Lime to get a little juice to form again and rub the lime all over your underarm surface again

To Store: Wrap exposed part of lime with foil and refrigerate when not in use.


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