UDEMY Course Review: Make An Extra $1k to $10k A Month With Your Own Blog

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I wanted to give a lengthily review (with Coupon!). When your spending your money upfront, you want to know a little peek into what your paying for. 

Let me tell you, this course is worth every penny! All the way down to the tips he gives to make money from your NEW BLOG!

I'm a real person; A single mom with a 1 Year Old.

Making a review on this course is the Real Deal! Jeez, I hardly have time to wash my hair sometimes! LOL

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With around 4 hours of video, a couple short quizzes, example images, and text files to help you recap each section. Students will receive the best quality course out there!

Some students have finished the entire course in 2 days or even half a day. It's totally up to you and your schedule.

For Me: The time of a Single Mom? This course took me 2 nights in a row from 10pm - midnight (2 hours a night when I got my little guy to sleep!).

FINISHED... Now here's to STARTING a website! 

Woohoo! Start making money with confidence!

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I’ve been researching material for starting a blog for a long time,. This course is one of the best materials out there. Saves you time of doing the research on your own.

I WISH I had seen this course a year ago! Would have saved me so much time! Because I’m not hosted on Wordpress, I plan on switching in the future. This course made it look much simpler then I thought it was to use Wordpress!

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Jake Hare is a Social Media and Blog/Web Design Expert

Such a positive course and full of affirmations! The instructor is readily available for all questions that may come his way (in a timely manner as well!) 

Hopefully beginners and experts alike will find my courses useful and helpful, to usher in the new generation of self-made entrepreneurs and maybe even millionaires.
— Jake Hare
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Things I absolutely LOVED about the course:

  • Side by side Hosting examples to help you choose the best Hosting for your blog
  • Lists websites that have cheap Themes for your Wordpress
  • Great recommendations for Plug-ins, Apps, Mail Subscriptions, any many more!
  • SEO is thoroughly explained
  • Recaps have instructions that you can easily follow, with links to further instructions via the web
  • The Quizzes let you know if your right or wrong immediately and also recaps on why it’s the correct answer
  • Professor walks you Step by Step through building your blog by using Wordpress (It seriously feels like he did it for you it so simple!)
  • Gives his view and techniques on Analyzing Data for marketing your blog
  • Explanation on Monetizing your blog is very easy to follow, so you can profit from the blog you create!

This Course is for Anyone! Whether You Know How to Start Your Own Website, New to Blogging, Interested in Switching to Wordpress, Learn How to Monetize, Social Media, and Help for Non Techies!

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UDEMY Discount: Make An Extra $1k to $10k A Month With Your Own Blog


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