Get Radiation Protection for Your iPhone 6/6s


When I'm telling someone new about my lifestyle, how I'm trying to be safe, and healthy. I start to sound like a total doomsday crazy person. One who doesn't have fun, and might be keeping my kids from enjoying their childhood.

But, it is the total opposite! If you get to know me past the crazy that your first introduced to (lol). You might actually get on board of the health & well-being crazy train as well (if your not already riding it with me)! :-D

Health isn't just exercising and eating right. You may also know it takes care on the outside as well. So many factors go into being safe and keeping your body safe.

Whether or not you drink all the orange juice in the world to prevent catching a cold... Or apply a bucket of sunscreen on your face to protect yourself from UV rays.

We forget you have to protect yourself from TECHNOLOGY as well!


Yes... Technology!

We grew up as little children being told not to stare at the TV to long, or you'll hurt your eyes. Yet, we stare at screens all the time in this new millennial world.

Even when we cook food in the microwave. We learned that no matter how fast the cook time is, you shouldn't stand near the microwave while its on cooking because of radiation.

We have been standing away from the microwave to avoid this, only to shove a phone to our ear and douse ourselves in radiation for each phone call. Directly at our HEAD!


My 2 year old is at the stage of wanting in on ALL my phone calls, and I don't let him use my cell to chat. Only the house phone, and most of the time only on speaker setting. Anything to monitor how much radiation he may experience in his lifetime.

All technology loving humans need RADIATION PROTECTION. Some people are not aware of this, and we need to know something like this so we can protect ourselves the best we can.

So I use a Radiation Reducing Screen Protector that not only protects my precious iPhone 6. It protects ME! By preventing a whole bunch of radiation! YES!! :-D

100% Screen Coverage and Reduces Radiation up to 69%! 

Music to my ears! Not radiation through my ears!

Each intelliGLASS kit includes a COMPLETE PROTECTION PACKAGE with retail packaging, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipe, dust removal stickers, and squeegee card. (Phone case not included)

Step-By-Step Pictures on how to use the kit:

If you are ready to protect yourself & the one's you love from Technology Radiation, heres a Coupon Code for the intelliGLASS Kit on Amazon to help with the price for my wonderful viewers!

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Disclaimer - I received this product for free or highly discounted from Tomoson, in exchange for my honest review to facilitate for my readers.. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine. I wrote this post and accepted this sponsorship because I love to share things to help not only me and my family... but YOU & YOURS also! :-D