Edible Homemade Gifts Ideas

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Sometimes you can plan ahead of time and still end up behind. I feel this way at the end of the year when all the holiday seasons roll around. 

I buy my gifts early for my loved ones. Then unexpected people in my life end up wanting to exchange gifts that I didn't know I would be exchanging, lol 

Now what?? I’m slightly broke from the purchases for everyone else in my life… 

Nothing left but to get creative and make your own gifts! Heres some Ideas. These are my personal favorites!

D.I.Y. Flavored Extracts

These are pretty simple to make and impressive to people that you make your own.

You can pair Extracts with many things and wrap them up in a bag/basket.

Just don’t forget to write the date that the extract was made and the date the bottle can be opened!

  1. Basket Example for a Coffee Lover - Bag of coffee, Coffee Mug, Hazelnut Flavored Extract, and a bag of cookies (or any sweet treat)!

  2. Basket Example for a Novice Baker - a Spatula, a Whisk, Measuring Cups/Spoons, a cheap Foil Baking Pan, and Vanilla Flavored Extract (don’t stop there, add whatever other baking supplies you can afford!

Just wrap them up and it’s very exciting to give away! :-D

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Hot Chocolate Spoons

Doesn’t get any easier than covering some soup spoons with CHOCOLATE and adding pretty much anything on them. 

You could make these quickly if your (unexpected) guest plans on visiting you in less than a couple hours!

Add these to a coffee mug, wrap them with clear wrapping paper, add a colorful bow and you’ve got skills! You can even throw in extra Marshmallows to be super cool! :-D

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Don’t forget you could simply bake a batch of cookies, and wrap them up (especially if everyone loves your cookies!) with a couple of fun cookie cutters to inspire them to bake some when they run out!

If people aren’t a fan of your cookies then just buy some really spectacular cookies and wrap them up in beautiful bags or wrapping paper.

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If you have time to order cookies and have them shipped, I would suggest buying a wonderful organic sweet treat kit from Food Stirs.

I received this kit in the mail as a gift from the HONEST COMPANY.

Like seriously, that company sends out Complementary Gifts all the time AND they also support great causes.

I am the BIGGEST FAN and consumer of all the Honest Products. It started with Diapers and then expanded to sunscreen, hand soap, the kitchen and the kitchen sink, pretty much Everything I have tried because I am floored with how much that company cares about the children of the world today. 

Thats why this post isn’t sponsored. It’s simply a shout-out to The Honest Company for winning over my heart and then some!

Because they didn’t care that organic might be more expensive then generic cookie mixes out there. They sent out QUALITY Gifts. To a large QUANTITY of people.

This is my way of Giving Back for the smile I had that day I received this Delicious Sugar Cookie Kit.

You can too if you have time to order… Not just for the Holidays, anytime you want! Enjoy and Have a Spectacular Holiday Week!