6 Things You Might NOT Know About Me


1. Every time I schedule a post, waiting for it to go live is like christmas morning for me! 

The anticipation of getting it from my computer to yours gives me such enjoyment. Why?! Because the things I am blogging about aren’t “post anything just to post it” crap! I truly want to share things that might actually HELP


I have given away Family Secret Recipes that are to die for! :-D

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2. Cooking runs deep in my family.

I grew up thinking I had to know how to cook or no one would want to eat my food... not even my family! LOL

I never thought of being a food blogger. 

I always wondered “who wants to take photos of food?” lol. 

The Irony! I get it now… if you don’t get it yet, I completely understand, BUT one day, you might make something that looks absolutely delicious, and it shocks YOU, lol.

You’ll end up taking a picture before it is ruined by greedy tummies!


3. I actually went to college to be an Opera Singer! 

Then I changed my mind last minute… like, one year left last minute! Got into HR (Human Resources) because I thought I should get a “real” job just in case, lol. Got really bored and realized I have anxiety when unable to move around a lot, and here I am!

I also play the piano :-)

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4. Even though I’m a single mom, I have a bunch of soul mates, they are my beautiful best friends that have helped me through everything. 

Family has been just as wonderful! I get so overwhelmed with joy that my little angel gets so much love! Because of them, I never got to really feel like a single mom.

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5. I’ve never been big into keeping up with anything that celebrities do, but my exception is Angelina Jolie, I just love her! :-D 

Recently added on another lady, and that is Jessica Alba. 

These women stand for something that deals with “Human Life” being valuable. They really openly strive to value lives. I look up to that!


6. I love the simple life. But maybe you are already aware of that from reading my posts :-)

I'm not into making a big deal of where I am or what I have.

I am happy as long as I am safe and able to eat everyday. 

There are so many people out there that don’t have just the two things I’ve listed above. The fact that that happens just makes me want to be rich, so I can help people with more then just recipes! :-D


These are just a few interesting facts to share for the end of the year!

I’m sure the more you read my posts, the more you’ll find out, and I hope to find out more about you all as my readers so I can deliver you the content you need! :-D

Feel free to leave me an interesting fact about you, I really want to know! :-)

Until then...





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