The Beginning of Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla!


Hey there!

Welcome  to Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla!

This is my very FIRST POST on my very 1st Blog! Get ready for my blog to give you fully delicious recipes and tips on having a more natural lifestyle! 

I started this piece of cyberspace because of my OBSESSION with learning how to do everyday things as natural as possible. Which in return will save money in the long run! Win/Win! 

My family has heard me go on and on and on about living natural. I think I have over talked all their ears on this matter. So now I'm reaching out to you! Fresh Meat! 



There are many old wives tales out there, and many different people who’s moms mother had all the wisdom and knowledge on living life natural. I’m here to share my passed down wisdom, and things I have discovered over time. Hopefully they will be helpful to everyone else as they are to me!

Most of my recipes come from my family, passed down from my grandmother. Any other recipes will be credited for there inspirational creativity. I will clearly link back to other creators by having a clickable URL that leads to the page I got the recipe or ideas from.


I am in no way shape or form the first to come up with most of the things I post, Some things I may have felt "I" only knew, but here on earth, great minds think a like! There may be tips that are possible people may know from their moms mother and these things may be nothing new to them. You may be creating the same things I create.

Everyone does everything differently, so i would love to hear how you do things in your life as well by leaving comments for me! Hopefully I can learn some things from you as well! I tend to try just about anything that looks good for you! What do I have to lose when it's good for me right?!

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But for those out there who didn't get passed down natural living tips, then this blog will be perfect for you! Don't forget to check back for new posts!

If you are as interested in doing things in life the natural, safer, cheaper, healthier (except for the butter usage, oh and the sugar... ok, stay away from the dessert posts unless your having a cheat day! lol) way, then you are in the right place!

I'm so excited to share more posts with you! Don't forget to sign-up for my newsletter, located on the right side bar at the bottom, on my contacts page, or when the homepage loads, feel free to sign up in the pop-up! You'll never miss a recipe or natural remedy!